There are Real Differences between Bridal Salons

Bridal Salons

As a bride, you need to think about certain things when you visit a bridal store. One is the style of the dresses they carry. The other is the service you’ll get for visiting the bridal salon. Very few actually consider the niche market that the bridal salon is catering to. This is a very important thing to think about because it will determine whether or not you can afford the dresses they carry. It’s a very real concern, and it can spell the difference between finding the perfect dress, and finding a perfect dress which is simply out of reach for the bride.

There are three types of bridal stores: the couture, the Big Box, and the popular price point. NY Bride of Raleigh was a couture boutique in Atherton Lofts, Southend, and Southpark. This was before we realized that there is a greater need for the middle-tier market. With the evolution of Raleigh’s market, we realized that brides needed a smarter choice, and we could provide this choice with our couture experience. We made it our personal mission to provide brides with beautiful couture gowns without the big price tags.

Truth behind couture boutiques

If you have been scouting for wedding dresses in the Raleigh area, you might have come across couture shops. There’s a small advantage to shopping in couture shops. One of them is being given the VIP treatment. Customers are seen by the couture boutiques by appointment. Tea is served during fitting and consultations. You are treated as a queen each time you’re there, but that is because you pay good money to get this treatment. And then they show you the wedding gowns.

While some couture boutiques only carry pieces from world-renowned designers, some actually have gowns that were made in China. They just have the same “look” as the designer ones. Yet, these “couture” boutiques are still selling these gowns for hefty prices.

What about Big Box Stores?

Any bride who has ever told you that the best bridal shop is a Big Box store has to be a real pro at digging up items which are on sale. She will probably be at the store at 3AM just to line up and be the very first one to go through the collection of bridal gowns because she needs to get to that $99 bargain before anyone can get to it. If you have ever been in a Big Box sale, you will know for a fact that it’s a war zone out there, and the chances of you getting scraped by a bride-to-be who took crazy pills before going shopping is far greater than any chance of you getting an okay gown at best.

Choosing popular price point stores

Big Boxes and Couture Boutiques are at two extreme ends of the spectrum. Popular price points can give you the best of those two worlds. The NYBride is a really good bridal salon in Raleigh because it can give you unprecedented access to sophisticated and authentic designer pieces and the customer service any bride-to-be-deserves without the hefty price tag. The store is open from Mondays through Fridays and is located at the Plaza Circle. For more information, contact 704.529.6400.

NY Bride of Raleigh has over a decade of experience making brides smile as they prepare for the most special day of their lives.


What are the different wedding dress silhouettes?

wedding dress shop

When you’re looking for a Bridal salon for wedding dresses Raleigh North Carolina, it is always a good idea to ask if they carry the bridal dress silhouette you are looking for. There are six basic types of silhouettes: the ball gown, a-line, modified a-line, trumpet, mermaid, sheath, tea length and mini. These silhouettes always look on a skinny model, but they don’t always compliment the bride’s body type. So the first step for any bride looking for wedding dresses in the Raleigh area is to identify her body type, and then to know more about these silhouettes so she will know which ones will flatter her figure the most.

Ball gown

The ball gown bridal silhouette is a classic cut. It looks good on any body type, especially for pears because the ballooning skirt hides bog bottoms while making the waist appear smaller than it is. If you are looking for plus size wedding dresses in Raleigh, this is a good silhouette to watch out for. This silhouette, however, is not a very good cut for petites as the full skirt can be overwhelming, and could make petites appear even smaller.


The A-line is also a fast favorite among brides because it is fit from the bust

Through the waist before flowing straight to the ground in an A-shape. While the skirt is not as big as the ball gown, this cut still accentuates the waist. This flatters almost any body type as long as the dress itself is of a good make. There are plenty of good dresses of this cut at the NY Bride of Raleigh.

Modified A-line

If you would like to show off a bit more than the A-line dress allows you to, the modified A-line might be your ideal bridal silhouette. The bodice of this cut is fitted up to the hips before the skirt falls on an A-line to the ground.


The trumpet fits through the body down to the mid-thigh area before it flutes A-line to the ground. It looks like a mix of both the A-line and the mermaid. While it can give the same slimming effect as the mermaid cut, it’s easier to move around in this dress. However, this dress is not for plus sizes or apples. This is best for slender frames who would like to take advantage of the height this dress adds.


The mermaid cut looks good on very slender frames as the bodice of this dress is fit from the bust to the mid-thigh section before falling straight to the ground. It’s a very tight cut which can also be worn by brides with hour glass bodies who would like to show off their curves.


This cut flows straight to the ground from the neckline and is best for petites and slender framed brides. This is not a good cut for apples and plus size brides.

Tea length

This is a special cut for brides that do not like wearing full length skirts. This is perfect for outdoor settings, or simply for brides who prefer to show off their legs. The skirt falls just below the knee at an A-line. It suits almost all body types.


This is a good cut for bananas, but not for plus sizes. If you are looking for the most diverse wedding dress shop in Raleigh, try the NY Bride boutique located at the Plaza Circle.

If you are looking for Wedding Dresses in the Raleigh area, New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh is a premier bridal salon that can help create the perfect wedding dress for you.


How Bridal Shops help you select a Wedding Dress

wedding dress shopping

Finding the best bridal shop for your needs is only step one of your bridal gown search. Once you’ve made a shortlist of the shops you want to visit (or zeroed in on the bridal salon in Raleigh which holds the collection you just need to try out), it’s time to pick the perfect bridal gown. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment. You should schedule as early as you can within the day so your consultant is still energetic and full of fresh ideas. The consultant and the other assistants at the bridal shop of your choice, can help you in these areas.

Find the right silhouette for your body type. Before going to a wedding dress shop in Raleigh NC, it is actually recommended for any bride-to-be to identify her body type. This way, she can find out which silhouettes work best with her most flattering features. Bridal shops can assess a bride-to-be’s body type too and help her select from several gowns in that silhouette. Bridal gown consultants can give brides priceless advice on wearing the right gown for that special day.

Find a gown that fits your budget. It is recommended for any bride-to-be to be upfront about how much she is willing to spend for her bridal gown. This way, she won’t be fitting a gown that’s not within the budget. A mid-range bridal boutique like the NY Bride of Raleigh can find an affordable bridal gown for any bride without sacrificing style. You’ll be surprised at the beautiful pieces you’ll be able to find in their backroom that is not easily available in a Big Box bridal boutique.

Find a timeless piece. Most bride-to-be’s go to a bridal salon in Raleigh with the sole intention of finding a trendy bridal gown. While for some people this might work, it really depends on your body type. The trendiest piece will disappoint if it is not the right silhouette for your body type. Also, if the bridal gown is too trendy and is too far from your personal style, it can make you feel nervous on your big day. It can also look ugly ten years from your wedding date. The correct Bridal salon for wedding dresses Raleigh North Carolina can help you choose a dress that’s just perfect for your personality, and will speak volumes of your style even after a decade or two.

Help you realize certain aspects of an unfamiliar design. Really good bridal gown consultants can bring out “treasures” from the backroom. These are pieces you wouldn’t initially think of trying on because you’ve never worn the style, or because they don’t look too good on the hanger. You will thank that sales agent later when her judgment is correct, and when the surprise dress turns out to be the unexpected perfect wedding gown you’ve been looking for.

Are you looking for Wedding Dresses in the Raleigh Area? Don’t miss out on the priceless curated pieces at the NY Bride of Raleigh. This boutique is located at the Plaza Circle. Call 704.529.6400 for more information, or to set an appointment.

The Best Bridal Shop can be considered a bride-to-be’s best friend. New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh believes that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars for an amazing and unique wedding gown.


3 Tips to choose the best wedding planner


Almost every girl’s dream is to have a magical and unforgettable wedding, not just with the man they love but with the perfect atmosphere and location. But there are different points of view on what is “perfect” for each bride, which is why the hardest decision you’ll ever make is choosing the best wedding organizer. So let me help you by giving this tips that will make that decision easier.

Tip #1: Do some research.

You have a huge advantage that your parents probably didn’t have, and that’s the internet. You can type in Google something like “best wedding planner in Miami”. This may help you because you’ll find several wedding planners in your area. You just have to pick a few and go in their website, check the reviews, and their previous work. Remember to make notes of what you liked about it and what you didn’t.

Tip #2: Ask your friends.

After you spend some time doing your research on Google, try to look for a few more options by asking your friends if they have gone to a nice wedding lately, if they’ve seen a beautiful event or they know someone who had their wedding recently. Any recommendation works at this point. Ask if they can put you in contact or just recommend you a great wedding planner.

Tip #3. Arrange a conversation.

Once you narrow down your list of wedding planners that you like, arrange an appointment or a call so you can ask questions related to price ranges, experience, and overall feeling. This is a delicate point because you’ll have to hear your heart and make sure there is some chemistry between you and the person whom you’re talking. There are a lot of wedding planners who can make the best wedding but not everyone can make YOUR WEDDING THE BEST.



Top 3 tech things to have at your wedding

tech wedding things

Using the latest and greatest technology at your wedding could delight your guests and forever shape your experience. From custom hashtags to 3D printed wedding cakes, technology can make your wedding really stand out. Here’s a list of the top 3 technologies to have at your wedding:

  1. Live Streaming – There are many mobile applications that will let you live stream your wedding to the rest of the world right from your phone or tablet. One of the most popular streaming platforms is Periscope, which was developed by Twitter. Periscope is free and easy to use!
  1. Charging Kiosks – Every wedding needs a charging solution so guests can continue to engage digitally. There are tons of solutions out there but for most wedding it’s best to find something secure and universal. One of the best phone charging kiosks is by Veloxity, they offer wedding rentals starting from $800.
  2. Video Drones – If your wedding has an outdoor setting, drones are a must! Drone technology has evolved to provide astounding aerial videos and photos of weddings. Professional wedding photographers might have drone services available so be sure to ask.


Tips for Planning Your Perfect Jamaican Destination Wedding

Advantages of Planning your Destination Wedding in Jamaica

So, you’ve decided to plan your destination wedding in Jamaica? Great choice! Jamaica is the original birthplace of the all inclusive resort and all inclusive destination wedding! Jamaica has beautiful white sand beaches and unforgettable landscapes that will make your all inclusive destination wedding an unforgettable experience of a lifetime! The temperature in Jamaica averages between 80-90 degrees year round, so no matter what time of year you are planning your Jamaican wedding, you will have the perfect weather to match your perfect day!

Some Tips on Planning your Jamaica Destination Wedding

  1. Decide if you want to do it yourself, or pull in some expert help. You can search around for a company that will help you pick the perfect all inclusive packages if you think you may not be able to find the time to find the right package for yourself. After all, you’re going to be very busy pre-wedding. If you don’t want to do it yourself – call in some expert help or ask friends and family who have been through the process for some help!
  1. Pick the perfect resort. If you do decide you want to look around to see what would best fit your personal needs and wishes, make sure to do your research! Compare resort locations and what they have to offer in their packages before picking the one that you feel is best for you and your future partner! Many packages offer different amenities and you may find a few that you absolutely love before narrowing it down to one, unique all inclusive package for your dream day!
  1. Don’t jump the gun! You may be very excited about seeing the first all inclusive package or two, but be careful not to book right away. You don’t want to book the first one you see, only to go looking a day or two later and find one that you wish you would have picked instead! Take some time comparing and doing your research before you pick the package that you know is right for you!
  1. Be sure to see if any other events are planned at your resort at the time you’re booking. If you want a bit more privacy, be sure to look and see if any major events or conferences are being held at the resort of your choosing when you’re booking your wedding package!
  1. Check out all details and hidden fees in your package before you book. Many wedding packages say ‘all inclusive’ but only really include certain things. Be sure to find out exactly what the package and resort of your choosing are willing to offer you so that there are no surprises when you get to Jamaica!

We hope you found these tips very useful and that your destination wedding in Jamaica or wherever you choose, turns out to be amazing.


Adding Those Extra Special Touches To Your Big Day

You’ll (hopefully) only ever have one wedding so why not go all out and make it the absolute best it can be? Whilst some are happy to simply settle for a basic do, others want to create a stunning ceremony and quite rightly so! Your wedding is your big day and you’ve every right to want to do it spectacularly! From a stunning venue through to those extra special touches, every Bride has different dreams as to what she wants, however when it comes to those little extras, sometimes all you need is a little bit of inspiration! As such, we wanted to bring you a showcase of just three of our favourite special touches to inspire you to go out and transform your big day into something STUNNING!

  1. Luxury Loo’s! 

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, one of the biggest pain points which couples have is the toilets! Most portable toilets aren’t nice and, in many cases, are far from it! As such, one of the most popular extra special touch which you can add to your wedding day (if budgets so allow) is to hire luxury toilets! Companies such as Event Washrooms offer luxury toilet hire in London and Kent  which allows you to hire the perfect toilets for your wedding. We can almost guarantee that your guests will be impressed and that they’ll be a huge talking point!

  1. Light Up Letters

Whether you’re having an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding, one of the easiest ways to create a stunning setting is to invest in a gorgeous centrepiece! One of our favourite ways to do this is using ‘Light Up Letters’ – huge light bulb letters, numbers or symbols which literally light up your wedding! We were recently introduced to the great range on offer from Light It Up UK in Kent  and you’ll see on their website a simply stunning showcase of what they can offer! In many instances, you’ll be able to create the words, dates or literally anything you want and have it light up your wedding! A great idea and one which most budgets can cover!

  1. Personalised Favours

It’s easy to go out and buy off-the-shelf favours for your guests, however where’s the fun in that? Why not go that little bit further and choose your own personalised ones? That way, you can create exactly what you want and give your guests something that extra special! Favour Fairy  offer a great range which covers pretty much anything you could ever dream of wanting to use! Yes, they may cost a little more but it’s your wedding…go for it!

At the end of the day, it’s the little extras which your guests will remember and what ultimately will set your big day apart from everyone else’s!


Luxury Wedding Photos Albums – Leather Albums

A great way of making sure your wedding photo album stands out from the crowd is to choose an album that is leather bound. They look really smart, and will certainly let everyone know that you spent a little extra, and put in a bit more effort when choosing your wedding memorabilia.

The great thing about leather is that it’s very easy to decorate. For example, you can emboss it with ease, and at a little extra cost. Besides, your wedding shouldn’t be about worrying about money; spend a bit more now, and reap the benefits years to come when you can look back on your wedding photos inside a beautifully made leather photo album. Embossing is a great way to have your initials, or full names, on the album, giving it a nice final touch and making it unique to you and your partner.

Leather photo albums look very modern, and have certain elegance about them. The feel of leather is soft to the touch and lovely to handle, meaning all the guests to your house will want to have a look through all your wedding photos!

Natural variations in the leather may occur, but that is perfectly normal. The grains and textures will also often vary, and this is by no means a bad thing. In fact, it’s what makes leather such a great choice of material to use for your luxury wedding photo album – each one is one of a kind.

Leather albums will also be available in several different colours, and you should sit down with your partner and discuss which is your favourite to ensure you get one that suits the both of you best. Leather albums have a refined look and are not everyone’s first choice for their wedding photo album, so if you don’t like following the crowd, leather is a great choice for you.

Leather wedding photo albums don’t have to cost the earth; there are plenty of affordable options. There are also faux leather options if you’d prefer. Try and choose a handmade piece, to ensure you’re getting the best quality for your money. You should be able to liaise with the manufacturer and they will be more than happy to make any alterations you might desire.

Choosing a luxury leather wedding photo will give you a keepsake to keep with you for the rest of your life, and will be a wonderful artifact to pass on to future generations, so the memory of your special day will live in for many years to come.


Finding the perfect perfume for the bride


Just like a lot of other things in a wedding, perfume for brides adds a distinctive smell and significance on your wedding day. In all honesty, all women love perfume and especially perfume discount for the grand day!

Now that you have been presented with a perfume discount, the big question is whether you should opt for an entirely different smell than the norm or just go with your everyday scent.

Perfumes for bride are plenty and as a bride looking for a new scent, you should always ask yourself whether it will be a one-time affair or will you be wearing the perfume again. Seek to find out whether if it is wise if you spent a good fortune on a designer perfume that you might only wear once or twice.

A perfume and cologne expert advises that the best perfumes for bride tip is finding a scent that you fall in love with. You will wear it even after the wedding day and get your money’s worth!

Versace Yellow Diamond and how to buy a great perfume

Arguably a great perfume for bride. It is a brand that any bride should have in her perfume collection. To make sure that you purchase a fragrance that you love, you have to spray it on your skin and smell it. The perfume and cologne expert explains that on your skin, a great perfume smells stronger.

On paper strips it will not bring out the real scent, however once you spray it on your skin, your body heat helps push the pure scent of any perfume outwards. The other way of knowing that you are buying a perfume for bride that will last is to leave it on your skin for an hour and smell it again afterwards.

Unlike other fragrances, Versace Yellow Diamond initial scent lingers on your skin, and it will be a testimony a few hours after that. You can be rest assured that you will be wearing a designer perfume on your grand day and not only will your looks stun all in attendance but your smell as well.


Choosing Perfumes for your Wedding Day



The million dollar question is; as a bride will you consider wearing your everyday fragrance on your big day, as it has the likelihood of optimizing your style? Or perhaps you are one of those who prefer mixing up things and breaking out of the box and settling for discounted perfumes that will provide you with a fresh, iconic and distinctive smell?

As a fragrance expert and co-owner of a reputable perfume/Cologne boutique suggests, when it comes to women’s perfumes and especially wedding perfumes, there are absolutely no rules. If a bride decides to wear the scent she fancies most during the big day, then she should by all means wear it.

However, if there is a bridal who feels like she requires a unique fragrance for her wedding day, she should by all means plan ahead and look into discount perfumes. A test run several weeks prior to her wedding day will help her wear different fragrances daily until she gets the right one.

Besides, it’s the lady’s grandest day, and she ought to put on a women’s perfume that is ladylike and one that she is head over heels in love with! However, if you are having your wedding very soon and having chosen a particular brand of wedding perfume, we present to you the:

Calvin Klein Euphoria Women

Calvin Klein Euphoria women perfume can serve as a wedding perfume. A is a brand that has come to be appreciated by a lot of women who have used it. For most girls that have given it a try, they pick it as one of their favourite wedding perfumes. Not only does the perfume smell beautiful on the lady wearing it, but she also elicits plenty of compliments.

For a bride wearing the perfume, she gets attention right from her makeup artist to her maids, the father walking her down the aisle and definitely from her significant other. Ladies that have had the pleasure of wearing this perfume agree that it is spicy, woody mysterious and is a sultry fragrance that helps in sparking up the flames. Try it today and let us know how it makes you feel.