Top 3 tech things to have at your wedding

tech wedding things

Using the latest and greatest technology at your wedding could delight your guests and forever shape your experience. From custom hashtags to 3D printed wedding cakes, technology can make your wedding really stand out. Here’s a list of the top 3 technologies to have at your wedding:

  1. Live Streaming – There are many mobile applications that will let you live stream your wedding to the rest of the world right from your phone or tablet. One of the most popular streaming platforms is Periscope, which was developed by Twitter. Periscope is free and easy to use!
  1. Charging Kiosks – Every wedding needs a charging solution so guests can continue to engage digitally. There are tons of solutions out there but for most wedding it’s best to find something secure and universal. One of the best phone charging kiosks is by Veloxity, they offer wedding rentals starting from $800.
  2. Video Drones – If your wedding has an outdoor setting, drones are a must! Drone technology has evolved to provide astounding aerial videos and photos of weddings. Professional wedding photographers might have drone services available so be sure to ask.

Tips for Planning Your Perfect Jamaican Destination Wedding

Advantages of Planning your Destination Wedding in Jamaica

So, you’ve decided to plan your destination wedding in Jamaica? Great choice! Jamaica is the original birthplace of the all inclusive resort and all inclusive destination wedding! Jamaica has beautiful white sand beaches and unforgettable landscapes that will make your all inclusive destination wedding an unforgettable experience of a lifetime! The temperature in Jamaica averages between 80-90 degrees year round, so no matter what time of year you are planning your Jamaican wedding, you will have the perfect weather to match your perfect day!

Some Tips on Planning your Jamaica Destination Wedding

  1. Decide if you want to do it yourself, or pull in some expert help. You can search around for a company that will help you pick the perfect all inclusive packages if you think you may not be able to find the time to find the right package for yourself. After all, you’re going to be very busy pre-wedding. If you don’t want to do it yourself – call in some expert help or ask friends and family who have been through the process for some help!
  1. Pick the perfect resort. If you do decide you want to look around to see what would best fit your personal needs and wishes, make sure to do your research! Compare resort locations and what they have to offer in their packages before picking the one that you feel is best for you and your future partner! Many packages offer different amenities and you may find a few that you absolutely love before narrowing it down to one, unique all inclusive package for your dream day!
  1. Don’t jump the gun! You may be very excited about seeing the first all inclusive package or two, but be careful not to book right away. You don’t want to book the first one you see, only to go looking a day or two later and find one that you wish you would have picked instead! Take some time comparing and doing your research before you pick the package that you know is right for you!
  1. Be sure to see if any other events are planned at your resort at the time you’re booking. If you want a bit more privacy, be sure to look and see if any major events or conferences are being held at the resort of your choosing when you’re booking your wedding package!
  1. Check out all details and hidden fees in your package before you book. Many wedding packages say ‘all inclusive’ but only really include certain things. Be sure to find out exactly what the package and resort of your choosing are willing to offer you so that there are no surprises when you get to Jamaica!

We hope you found these tips very useful and that your destination wedding in Jamaica or wherever you choose, turns out to be amazing.

Wedding Preparation


When a lady is about to be betrothed, her family and friends around her take over the wedding preparations. They make it a family-friendly affair and the only thing the lady getting married is left to do is choose the perfume to wear.

As we know, there is nothing like subjective as a scent. As everything else turns from being simple and spins into a rollercoaster, selecting a perfume to add as a final accessory on the big day can be considered as a simple and thoughtful decision.

However, as much as you may get a discount fragrance, having settled upon a signature scent that the wearer feels will embody all that she is remains a task that ought to be done weeks before. It is something that should be carried out way before the big day.

The reason being; a wedding encompasses all that is beautiful about two individuals that are in love. If the individuals getting married have fragrances that they love and which they have been purchasing for each other over the years. Whether they are a discount fragrance or not, they will be a permanent reminder of how much the individuals feel for one another.

Women’s Perfume Dolce and Gabbana Rose the One

For women who have yet to settle for an appropriate perfume and wish to create new memories with a different yet fresh scent on your big day. You should try women’s perfume Dolce and Gabbana Rose the One.

There is just so much skin you can expose to spray perfume and for maximum perfume effectiveness, this perfume will not only have you having a distinctive smell. The women Dolce and Gabbana perfume is a fragrance that will turn heads toward you. You will regain your confidence back and walk holding your head high knowing that you have a fragrance that’s got your back.

Wearing this perfume gives you a sexy and sultry feel that will get your partner’s juices flowing and falling deeper in love with you! Buy one today and let us know if you think otherwise.

Why San Francisco is the Perfect Location for your wedding

San Francisco has much to offer couples that are ready to an official and legal commitment to each other in front of their loved ones. This city for one has long been practicing marriage equality; the city has been recognizing same- sex marriage since 2004, making it ideal for any couple that supports LGBT rights. The Bay Area’s mix of city and forested area makes it a great setting for either an ultra modern chic wedding or a laid- back outdoor wedding in one of the area’s many beautiful parks. No matter what your taste or background, San Francisco has something for everyone. Here are just a few reasons why you should decide to hold your wedding in the Bay Area.

  1. The city’s beauty: San Francisco is clean and picturesque , with many different sites known all over the world. Book your wedding in San Francisco and you are sure to have beautiful wedding photos. This also allows your guests to have plenty to do as you and your bridal party are putting on the finishing touches.
  1. The gourmet, this city is full of people that love to create gourmet dishes. This makes the city an excellent place to find a Bay area wedding catering company to take care of all of the food and the drink for you, causing you one less thing that you need to worry about, If your family has certain dietary restrictions due to allergies or religious beliefs. Any expert Bay Area wedding caterer, like Taste Catering, would be able to offer you an alternative menu.
  1. Access to nature: If you or your groom have a passion for the great outdoors. If this is an important part for your wedding planning or your budget, then San Francisco is the perfect place to hold your wedding. Be aware that most parks restrict alcohol so you may want to book an additional place to host the wedding reception. Talk to your Bay Area caterer and see if they know of someone who will rent you a place for your reception. If you are planning a simple rustic wedding having the wedding in one of the Bay Area’s large parks would be a magical and affordable experience.

Now that you see just some of the benefits of hosting the wedding in the city of San Francisco, you may want to start finding deals now so that you don’t end up hoping that it won’t be too busy. This city has much to offer both the guests and the new couple, making it an ideal destination spot for a wedding. Make your big day huge by hosting it in San Francisco.

Looking For The Perfect Hen Party In London?

Whether you’re  bride-to-be planning your own hen night or are the maid of honour doing the duties for her, one thing is for sure and that is that planning a hen party, especially in a large city such as London! There’s literally so many options and everything requires so much planning, however if you’re in the process of needing to plan a fantastic night out for a special bride-to-be, we think we’ve got just the thing! We were recently made aware of Nights Gone Wild, one of London’s leading pub crawl companies and we just know any of their nights would make the perfect hen night for those looking for a hassle-free night out where nothing needs worrying about except having a great time!

Who Are They & What Do They Offer?

Nights Gone Wild are one of London’s leading pub crawl organisers, running two incredibly popular crawls in both Shoreditch and Piccadilly. In fact, they’re voted one of the top pub crawls in London on TripAdvisor and even one of the top nightlife attractions! This, if nothing else, is a testament to how great their nights are, however once you understand exactly what it is these guys offer, you’ll quickly realise what a fantastic offering they have and why it makes sense to go down this route rather than planning your own hen night!

What you have to remember is that, at the end of the day, all that you want is for the group to have a great night which they’ll never forget and for the bride, her friends and family to enjoy themselves! Planning your own pub crawl, as an example, can be stressful and the last thing you want to be worrying about is where to go next and at what time! As such, as an overview, Nights Gone Wild offer:

  • Entry To 5 Pubs / Clubs / Bars
  • A Free Shot At Each
  • A Fun & Friendly Host For The Evening
  • Promotional Drinks All Night

How good does that sound? Fantastic, if you ask us! You’ll have your very own host for the evening, taking your between each pub and ensuring you have a night which you’ll never forget! It’s absolutely perfect for hen nights and what’s even better is that a ticket costs just £15 in advance! Yes, that’s right, just £15 for entrance into 5 pubs, a free shot at each and promotional drinks! If it was all paid for separately, it’d cost you more than £50 per person!

As far as we’re concerned, if you’re wanting a stress-free hen party you simply cannot beat this fantastic night out and trust us when we say that letting someone else do all the hard work of planning is welcomed and when you take into account the bargain-price, you simply cannot go wrong!

Add that special touch to your wedding with luxury bathrooms

Luxury Bathrooms Are The Perfect Way To Add That Extra Special Touch To Your Wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding, the first things you inevitably start to plan are the venue, the catering and possibly the photographer. These, to most brides and grooluxuryms-to-be are what they regard as the most important aspects of their big day, closely followed by the entertainment. Of course, whilst these are what is usually planned in the first instance, that’s not to say other things can’t transform your special day and add an extra special touch and one such way which we’re fond favourites of are luxury wedding toilets!

You may be questioning why you’d want to spend money on luxury toilet but trust us, it’s money well spent! It’s a well known fact that traditional ‘portable toilets’ aren’t too nice and it’s one of the things which guests at outdoor weddings complain about the most! Of course, at a music festival you expect grotty loos, however at a luxurious wedding, you expect luxurious everything and, quite rightly so, toilets are included within that!

Of course, who are we to shout about such luxuries and, in order to encourage brides-to-be to carefully consider this fantastic addition to their wedding day, we’ve teamed up with Event Washrooms, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of luxury toilets. They define themselves as, “one of the leading UK suppliers of luxury toilet hire facilities, VIP toilets and wedding toilet hire who have been providing stylish luxury portable toilets for hire for wedding receptions, parties, festivals, balls and corporate events of all kinds for over five years.” Trust us when we say that if there’s anyone to talk to about luxury toilets, it’s these guys!

In short, if you want to offer your guests the ultimate experience on your wedding day, you need to go all out and ensure every last little detail is nothing short of perfect! Whilst toilets aren’t usually at the top of anyone’s ‘must-sort’ list, they should be! At the end of the day, every single one of your guests will want to spend a penny during the day and why should they do so in anything short of luxurious? Your ‘bog standard’ (no pun intended) portable toilets aren’t in any way, shape or form luxurious and, as such, it’s a great way to impress your guests and give them somewhere to refresh themselves as well! Luxury toilets are rapidly gaining popularity and are fast becoming a ‘must-have’ for any outdoor wedding!

To us, it’s money well spent and a sound investment in both yours and your guests enjoyment of the day! What are you waiting for? Push ‘luxury toilets’ right to the top of your ‘must-sort’ list for your wedding planning and make an enquiry with your local specialists today. We’re confident you won’t regret it and, after the event, be wondering why it’s not something you’d previously considered!

Options to consider for your wedding entertainment


Planning a lovely wedding can be an enjoyable and fun experience. Although wedding planning can indeed be fun, it still involves a lot of thinking and consideration. Entertainment is an important aspect of any wedding. Some popular examples of forms of wedding entertainment include wedding bands, wedding vocalists, DJs and even large-scale performances — think magicians!

Wedding Live Bands

If you’re thinking about hiring a wedding band to play music, it’s important to note that prices range wildly. If you want a live band to play songs for four hours at your wedding, expect to pay about £1,339. That’s for a five-piece band. If you hire a smaller band that consists of 3 to 4 members, you can expect to pay less than that.

Wedding Singers

If you want to hire a wedding singer, costs vary there, too. Some vocalists charge by the hour. Others, on the other hand, charge by the song. Wedding singers often ask for fees of anywhere between £19 and £128 for every song. This often depends on how well-known they are. If a wedding singer is in high demand, she’ll probably charge more money. Wedding vocalists who charge by the hour often go for anywhere between £38 and £321 an hour. Some even charge more than £321 an hour. If you want to hire a group of singers, expect to pay more, too. Hiring a single vocalist generally costs much less than hiring several of them.

Benefits of Live Music

There are many benefits to hiring live wedding bands and singers to play at your wedding. They can contribute to a more intimate and authentic vibe, for example. There are some potential drawbacks to live wedding performances too, though. If a performer doesn’t perform well, it could ruin the atmosphere of the wedding. No one wants to hear an out-of-tune singer screeching half-heartedly during wedding festivities, after all.

Wedding DJs

If you’re anxious about the idea of a poor live musical performance ruining your wedding, consider hiring a DJ who can play your favourite tunes. If you pre-select your favourite songs, there’s no risk of a bad performance affecting anything. DJs can take away from the intimate ‘live’ aspect of wedding music, however. If you hire a professional DJ to perform at your wedding, you can usually expect to pay him or her anywhere between £64 and £192 an hour.

Wedding Magicians

Wedding magicians can be fun and refreshing ideas for wedding entertainment. Many people appreciate that. Some guests may be disappointed by the lack of music, though. If you want to book a wedding magician to perform for two hours at a wedding, expect to pay at least £192 or so.

Give the gift of Eternal Love with the Eternity Rose


The Eternity Rose provides gold, silver and platinum dipped natural roses which symbolize eternal love.

We have supplied literally hundreds of roses to grooms who present their bride with a beautiful Eternity Rose on their wedding day. The stem of the rose can be engraved for the occasion.

Some of the testimonials we have received back have revealed engravings such asEternity_Rose

‘I married my best friend’

‘I love you deeply and eternally’

‘This rose represents my eternal love for you’

‘I promise to love you forever’

Many do not engrave the rose, and present it during the groom’s speech.

The roses are supplied in a smart leather display box and often take pride of place in the family cabinet, often enduring as a family heirloom.

You can view these gorgeous items here:


Ideas for a Hen Party

30 Ideas for a bachelor / bachelorette / private party

What’s the biggest goal of a hen party? To have fun! Whether you’re planning a weekend away, an afternoon at the spa, or one amazing night on the town, here are some hen party ideas that are a great and exciting way to spend the last moments of your life as a single lady!

10. Wine, Cheese, Chocolate, or Coffee Tasting : If you’re into a lower key kind of scene for your hen party, then going to a tasting session may be the best way to go. There are many different kinds of tasting parties that can be catered to your group’s personal dietary restrictions.

9. Hiking with Your Favorite Gal Pals : If you and your friends are more of the outdoors-y type, then going on a long hike is a great way to de-stress and get a little fresh air. Turn your hiking trip into a “glamping” trip for a fancy night under the stars.

8. Video Game Themed Party : Want a fun and relaxed atmosphere for your hen party? Are you obsessed with Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, or even Wii Sports? Then you might consider buying pizza, beer, and setting up your favorite video game console.

7. A Decade Themed Party : If you’re obsessed with Downton Abbey or find yourself pouring over vintage fashion magazines, then it might be fun to throw a decade themed party. Make everyone don a theme-related outfit and prepare cocktails and food that suggest the era.

6. Casino Party : Looking for a classy and sexy way to throw a hen party? Then pretend to be your favorite Bond Girl and throw a hen party Casino Royale style.

5. Hire a Party Bus or Limo : This can be a great way to safely travel around town for your hen party! No one has to be the designated driver and everyone can have fun!

4. Private Party in a Bar : This may be the most customizable of all the options and is best for larger groups. You can hire a DJ, band, or any other kind of show person to entertain your guests over a multi-course dinner or simply cocktails.

3. Pole Dance Class : Want to spice up your hen party? Then sign up you and your gal pals for a pole dance class. You’ll learn many tips and tricks to impress your husband on your wedding night.

2. Karaoke Party! : If you’re looking to let loose before your big day, then belting out your favorite tunes with a bunch of your friends is a great way to blow off steam and have fun!

1. Spa and Pampering Weekend or Afternoon : Bring your group (or just your maid of honor) to a local spa for a luxurious and stress free weekend or afternoon. This may be the best and least stressful of all the fun hen party ideas!

Check out 30 of the Best Bachelor/Bachelorette party ideas by at

Written by: jeangscott

The Best Crooner First Dance Wedding Songs

When you choose the music for your first dance, there are plenty of options to pick from. There are beautiful love songs in almost every genre of music (with the possible exception of heavy metal). Are you more of a twee indie-rock type, or will you take the dance floor with your new spouse to vintage Johnny Cash? It does come down to personal taste, of course. But with so many different demographics represented at a typical wedding, you might want to opt for one of these timeless, classic, hopelessly romantic songs.

“The Best is Yet to Come,” Frank Sinatra

No one did it quite like Frankie did it. This song has a nice be-bop swing to it, with Frank’s velvet vocals providing a counterpoint to the hip-swaying rhythm section. And the lyrics couldn’t be more suited for a wedding day–it’s all about the excitement of knowing you get to spend the rest of your life with your perfect someone, and as good as you feel right now, well; see the title.

“Fly Me to the Moon,” Tony Bennett

If you’re in the mood for a slow-dance for that first trip around the dance floor, Tony’s 1965 recording of this classic tune fits the bill. It’s all tinkling piano and subdued strings, with Tony’s incomparable voice floating above it all. There are bouncier versions of this tune out there, but this version’s perfect for holding your partner close and swaying.

“Volare,” Dean Martin

Add a little bit of poly-lingual flair with this tune from the ultimate swinger, Dean Martin. Sung half in English and half in Italian, it’s adorable in any language, with a lively little two-step tempo to kick off your evening right. Plus, it’s got a slow bit in the middle that’s the perfect time to steal a kiss or two.

“It Had to Be You,” Harry Connick Jr.

What better sentiment for a wedding day than “it had to be you?” If you’re willing to admit, of course, that you’ve had a few false starts on the road to love, the lyrics are perfect for a newlywed couple. There are plenty of versions of this song out there, but we love Harry’s for the fanfare at the beginning, the lively brass, the plunk of the upright bass, and of course Harry’s dreamy vocals.

“The Way You Look Tonight,” Michael Buble

Michael Buble is kind of a love-him-or-hate-him kind of guy. But even the Buble-haters have to admit his version of this song is absolutely lovely. It has a little bossa nova in the mix, just enough to get your feet shuffling, with a hint of Spanish guitar in the background. And Michael doesn’t over-sell it; it’s a light, intimate take on the song, oozing class and sophistication as well as romance. This is the perfect song if you picked up some sparklers for weddings to hand them out and get your guests involved in the magic.

“Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Elvis Presley

Okay, so Elvis wasn’t exactly a crooner. But on this tune, he definitely is channeling the Rat Pack. With angelic harmony from an army of backup singers, the King pours his heart into the deep yearning in the lyrics. It’s a little overstuffed, sure, and just a little bit cheesy–and altogether perfect.

If you’d like to add some sophistication to your first dance, you can’t go wrong with these classic tunes. They’re sure to be adored by your hipster friends and your grandparents alike.