Marquee Event Catering – Six Simple Tips for Stacking Up the Savings

It’s often assumed that when considering marquee hire in South East London¸the biggest expense of all is the marquee itself. And in many cases this can indeed prove to be the case, though more often than not, marquee hardware has a tendency to be surprisingly affordable. By contrast however, when you are looking to put on an event for relatively large number of people and cater to their every whim, it is in fact the catering itself that can stack up the most surprising bill of all…and not in a good way.

The simple fact of the matter is that when you speak to a person who has recently attended an event, chances are the catering will be one of the first things they mention. If the catering was good, they will sing the praises of the event. If it was bad, they’ll probably find it difficult to find anything good to say whatsoever about the event in general – catering really is that influential.

So there’s really no way of getting away without catering, which means the best way of approaching things is with proactive savings in mind. So for those looking to organise and put on an event in the near future, here’s a quick look at six simple tips for making real savings on marquee event catering costs:

1 – Book Well Ahead
First and foremost, not only do the very best catering companies on the market get booked up quite a long way in advance, but all the best deals are always snared ahead of time. It’s the same with pretty much everything – the later you leave it, the less freedom of choice you’ll have and ultimately the more you’ll end up paying. It might sound somewhat risky to book many months, perhaps even years in advance, but just as long as there is a good degree of flexibility agreed, there doesn’t need to necessarily be any risk involved. And the further ahead you book, the bigger the savings you stand to make as a result.

2 – Keep it Simple

Try to remember that fantastic catering for any given event does not have to be in any way complicated or over the top.  Quite to the contrary in fact, the most successful and memorable catering usually tends to be the type that is relatively simple and therefore enjoyed by everyone. The more complicated you make things, the more it becomes inevitable that some guests simply will not ‘get’ what it is you’re trying to do. There’s a time and a place for fine dining and endless alcohol of course, but when it comes to making real savings, simplicity really is the primary item on the menu.

3 – Avoid Mealtimes

It’s often something you may have no direct control over, but if at all possible, it can be a good idea to ensure that your event doesn’t necessarily tie in with any mealtimes. For example, if you were to host an event between the hours of 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM, you would pretty much have no choice other than to provide everyone in attendance with plenty of food – a full meal, no doubt.  By contrast, if the event was set to take place between 7:00 PM and midnight, it’s more likely that guests will choose to eat before they attend the event and you will therefore get away with putting on snacks, rather than full dinners.

4 – Shop Around

Never forget that with such incredible competition on the market these days, it’s always worthwhile checking out a few catering companies and having them battle it out to offer you the lowest possible price.  This is especially the case for those who choose to book in advance as with so many providers available to you, chances are you’ll be able to find a fantastic deal if you try.

5 – Ask the Experts

A quick point but an important point nonetheless, never forget that to work with a fantastic catering company is to also gain access to comprehensive information on all aspects of the subject.  So rather than just worrying about how exactly you can go about making savings, you could always just ask those you intend to work with directly.

6 – Do It Yourself!

Last but not least, try to remember that one of the best things about marquee hire in the first place is the you are not necessarily tied up to any catering company, or even professional catering at all. As such, you effectively have every opportunity to take care of the catering yourself should you choose to do so, which may involve quite a lot of time and effort but will at least ensure that things are done exactly as you want them to be and within your specified budget.


Tips for finding the best Wedding Officiant


Finding the right person to marry you is an important decision. The person you choose as your wedding officiant will have a huge influence on your ceremony and set the tone for your wedding day. You will want to make sure that you find a wedding officiant who is willing to perform the type of ceremony you want. A good wedding officiant will take the time to understand your personalities, style, and beliefs so that together you can create the perfect ceremony. AZ Ceremony wedding officiants understand the importance of creating a ceremony uniquely designed for you.

AZ Ceremony strongly encourages you to seek a wedding officiant that will listen and work with your ideas. We encourage you to ask questions. We have listed a few questions to ask a potential wedding officiant.

This is not an exhaustive list and not every question may be applicable to your situation.

  1. Will the officiant allow you to customize your ceremony?
  2. Will you receive a copy of the ceremony script before the wedding?
  3. Will the officiant provide information on different types of ceremonies and ceremony script examples?
  4. Can you write your own vows?
  5. What is the officiant’s fee and if there are additional charges – mileage, rehearsals, specialty ceremonies, etc?
  6. Will the officiant allow photography during the ceremony?
  7. Will the officiant allow guest speakers or a co-officiant?
  8. Does the officiant require a contract?
  9. What is the cancellation policy?
  10. How many ceremonies has the officiant performed?
  11. What style of ceremony does the officiant like to perform?
  12. What is the officiant’s attire?
  13. Will the officiant provide a copy of their license?
  14. What is the best way to contact the officiant?

AZ Ceremony Wedding Officiants


Why Pre-Wedding Photographs are becoming the Trend in Singapore

pre wedding photoshoot

When your parents got married, they have probably never heard of prenuptial or pre-wedding photo shoots. Why is this becoming a trend now, in Singapore? And is there any reason for you and your groom to have the same photography session?

The photo sets are rather useful. While pre-wedding photos might seem like just an added expense at first, they are actually quite useful. You can use the photos for your wedding video, as stills. You can also use them for your wedding website, for your wedding save-the-date cards, and for your souvenirs. Some couples and these photos spread out during their wedding reception at the hall, and the effect is actually quite classy. It fills the venue with love. You can look at samples of a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore if you are still not sure, just to asses if you would like the same done for your wedding as well.

It’s a good way to get you and your groom in the right mood. Wedding preparations can be so straining that some couples have fights while preparing the wedding. You are both just raring to have the perfect wedding day that the stress about that, and meeting your budget, can take a toll in your relationship. A Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore can actually be a welcome break.

It’s a good set of photos to show to your kids. Wedding photos themselves are fun, but your kids will probably wonder how their parents looked like minus the wedding garbs. Most photo shoots pre wedding are also so much fun, your kids will think their parents were really cool to be able to pose that way. It’s a very good, light hearted and fun memorabilia to own. You might have to spend a bit more for it, but in the end, you’ll find that a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore is well worth your money.

It’s your last set of photos as boyfriend-and-girlfriend. Every milestone should be recorded, especially if you are a couple who are on your way to establishing your own family. A wedding album is fine, but why should you start there? A Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore will also mark the last few months you have as unmarried but loving individuals. There is really no reason for you not to have this photoshoot.

The packages are affordable. There are plenty of affordable packages to look at for a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore. All you have to do is to shop around for it. There are high end ones, for course, who might end up charging you as much as five times the normal photographer’s fee, but there are gems like the package being offered by Dream Wedding SG that could make you rethink your pre wedding photoshoot plans. You might actually go on with the photo shoot because it’s a lot of fun. Talk it over as a couple and see if it is an extra expense that will go a long way, anyway. Think value instead of price tags, and you should be able to make the right decision.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore by DreamWedding will capture all precious moments before you exchange I do’s with the love of your life.


Things to Consider When Planning Your Same-Sex Wedding

Now that same sex marriage is legal in all states, many couples who never thought it would be possible for them to marry can’t wait to say “I do.” If this describes you, you and your partner will be moving through largely uncharted territory. There aren’t centuries of tradition behind you to guide you, and you probably have more questions than answers right now. Luckily for you, there are no real rules. With this in mind, here are some things to consider when planning for your big day:

  • Who proposes? The short answer is, whomever, or both. If one of you has always wanted to pop the question, while the other feels strongly about being the one to answer it, talk it over and do what feels most natural. Dual proposals are another idea.
  • Engagement rings: this is purely personal. If you both like the idea of engagement rings, wear them.
  • Family: depending on your level of family support, decide whether to invite everyone and let them attend or not, according to their comfort level, or simply don’t invite those family members who are not supportive of your relationship and disagree with your being married.
  • Who pays for what? Clearly, if there are two brides or two grooms, the traditional guidelines don’t apply. Much of this depends on the couple’s age and financial situation. A budget discussion with family members may be the best course in determining the finances.
  • Attire: this is another purely personal decision. Anything goes as long as you’re both happy and your wedding party looks reasonably coordinated.
  • In the church: it’s traditional for the groom to be in place at the altar when the bride enters and walks down the aisle. You may decide you’d rather both enter from the side after guests are seated, walk down the aisle together or following one another, decide who walks down the aisle, or create two aisles and meet at the altar.
  • Religion: not all religions accept same-sex ceremonies. Look for someone of your faith who doesn’t mind performing the ceremony. If you can’t find someone active in your faith, consider someone who is ordained, but is non-denominational to work with you to customize your ceremony. You may still be able to borrow some ceremonial touches, or go with a personalized, spiritual ceremony.
  • Honeymoon planning: research your honeymoon destination ahead of time to be sure that they can accommodate you and your new spouse, both legally and personally. You may want to consult a wedding planner or other wedding industry professional who works with same-sex marriages. Happily, the number from which you can choose is growing rapidly.

Other questions will likely occur to you in the course of your planning, but getting the basics mapped out will at least start you in the right direction. Remember, this is fairly new territory for everyone else, too. With good communication and a bit of creativity, you can make your day as unique and magical as you’ve always dreamed.


5 Types of Incredibly Stylish Bridal Shoes

Wedding bouquet and bride shoes

Wedding bouquet and bride shoes

A wedding day to any bride is the biggest day of her entire life. This is the day she shows the world her better other part. Therefore, it is very important for everything from the location of her wedding, the décor, the gown, make up, and the shoes to be perfect. Remember it is your day as a bride and your comfort and style should be at the top of your priority list. The shoes worn will determine if you will be a happy bride or not. This is because you will not only need to be comfortable but look stylish and elegant as well. In this article, we are going to look at different types of incredibly stylish bridal shoes.

As a bride, before choosing a particular type of shoe, you need to bear in mind the following three key factors.

  1. How much can your budget afford to spare for the shoe

This way, you will be able to spend a considerable amount of money on your shoes. This is to avoid on cutting down other essential items for your wedding. It is important to choose a pair that will be not only stylish but affordable to you.

  1. The wedding event you have in mind

This will help you in ensuring the theme of your wedding matches with the shoe. The shoes need to match with the venue to ensure total comfort. Nothing is more discomfort able than having the wrong shoe on your event. You do not wish to be in heels on the beach for your wedding. Therefore be keen to choose a shoe that goes well with your choice of location.

  1. Your wedding dress

The shoe you intend to wear as a bride need to match perfectly with your dress. This way, your whole look will be organized and be the perfect bride in your own ceremony.

bridal shoesWith the above factors in mind, you are set to choose a bridal shoe for yourself. Below are five different types of incredible stylish bridal shoes to choose from.

  1. Pumps

If you choose to go the traditional way, nothing can beat the pumps. The shoe brings out your sense of elegance and style and can never go wrong with your wedding gown. Be sure to carry your pumps with you for the first dress fitting session to ensure that the shoe fits well with the dress. This is to ensure that any needed adjustments are made on your dress to be fit for the big day. You also need to practice on your heels a few days before your wedding day to get accustomed to them to ensure total comfort on that big day.

  1. Flats

These pair of shoe will provide you with great comfort on your wedding day. If you are going to do a lot of walking, standing and dancing, this is the right pair of shoes you need. A variety of the flats are available and you can choose a pair that compliments your sense of personality.

  1. Color

Bridal shoes need not be white anymore. In fact, many brides have ventured into bold colors for their big day. If you are bold enough, you can experiment a pair of bold colored shoes for the sass and fun of it. However, you should ensure that your shoes coordinate with the theme color of your wedding. This is to provide a smooth mix of the colors and provide something that will be remembered.

  1. Boots

Boots are not for the Wild West anymore. Boots have become part of the shoes brides choose to wear for their big day. You can choose white boots for your day or go for something a little bolder. The theme of your wedding will dictate the kind of a boot you can wear if you choose this type of bridal shoes.

  1. Sparkles

Oh yes, nothing is too bold for your big day as the bride. You can choose to be a little bit crazy with your shoes. Over the top sparkles on shoes is a great way to show off your style and feel great about what is on your feet. It is important however, to ensure that the sparkles match with your wedding dress.


Find out why you should only work with professional wedding dress companies


You should never have to rush your purchase of a wedding dress. It is an item of such great importance to your wedding that care and discretion must be used in its purchase. Bridesmaid Dresses in Syracuse New York are easily obtainable. However, you must ensure that the vendor you purchase yours from carries the right quality dresses in stock. You should not waste your time with people who don’t really know the trade and cannot give you the kind of dress that you want.

The old cliché that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life is never quite lifeless. The truth is that the day you get married you will have all the people you love and care about around you. It will be a day like no other, so you should look your absolute best and feel great about it. Wearing the wedding dress of your dreams will make you feel special. It will add the kind of luster to the occasion that every bride should have.

When looking for your wedding dress, you should search only for those companies that specialize in selling such products. You don’t want to put yourself in the position of dealing with people with second and third hand knowledge of wedding dresses. If you are to get the best service and the most outstanding value, then you need to work with a firm that knows its wares and will be able to present you a wide range of options. This is much too important to be left to amateurs—to people who don’t know that they are doing. If you want the best results, then you must work with the best people.

You have your own sense of style, fashion, and taste. You also know how the particular cut of a dress will look on you. If you are a woman with curves, you want to be sure to accentuate them in a flattering way. If you are slimmer women, then you want to take advantage of that and wear a dress that brings your figure out in a nice manner. You want, in other words, to do all that you can to make the best of who you are and what you naturally look like.

This also goes for the color of the dress. There are no rule books for planning a wedding. And there is nothing that says your wedding dress must be white. If you prefer a different color, then you should explore the many options available to you. Whichever wedding dress you finally decide on, it should be the one that best brings out what is most special and wonderful about you. It is your day, and it should reflect your deepest wishes and desires.

Fortunately, you do not need to look far to find such a dress company. The best place to begin your search is the worldwide web. There you will find a number of stores that offer the quality, value, and service that you deserve. You will find happiness and satifaction.

If you are looking for Bridesmaid Dresses in Syracuse New York , then you need look no further. For more information please visit our website.


5 Basic Wedding Photography tips

5_Basic_Wedding_Photography_tips (1)

You have spent weeks and probably even months to ensure that everything does perfect and problem-free for your upcoming wedding ceremony. You went to best lengths to find the excellent place for the matrimonial ceremony, the best weeding dress, reliable and great caterers and florists, a best venue for the reception and a very reputable expert wedding photographer. And since all of these vital elements and aspects are taken care of and “ready to go” for your wedding, it is now time for you to target on another important element as well: yourself.

As the bride on this momentous and special day, it is vital that you feel and look remarkable. Your full wedding will be captured in video and more vitally in images so you also have to take the time to get ready yourself on how you can and will look best up close and personal, in pictures and in film. After all, your wedding only comes once in a lifetime so you truly have to put in a lot of effort as well to ensure that you look stunning and charming in all your wedding images.

Below are some simple tips you can follow to ensure that you look remarkable in all your wedding images:

Remember this easy guide when you will be asked to post for an image: angle your body, relax your shoulders, focus your eyes on the gadget, and tip your chin slightly down. These general tips can support promise that you will be look remarkable in all the captured images the photographer will shoot.

Practice your poses and smiles prior to your wedding day. Take some time to practice your smiles and poses at home. Look at the mirror and practice posing for the images. Remember which angles support makes your face look more attractive and pretty, use or have these on at whatever time the expert photographer is snapping away. Aside from exercising in mirror front, you can also use your mobile phone, digital camera with lenses for canon 70d.

If you feel painful about showing off your upper arms, don’t draw focus to them by using some posing ideas. Just relax your upper arms and pose perfectly. By doing so, you will draw less focus to the arms.

If, you have a make-up retouching kit, give your sister or friend a touch-up kit that has all the important items: foundation powder, blush and face, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick. You need to look remarkable in all your wedding images so you have to always touch up and you can do easily do this if you have a fast access to a touch-up kit.

Play with lens distortion and lightweight tripod overview. Most photograph use go fast lenses or portrait lenses to target on an item, and use a big angle lens for sites and such. By using a high quality lens for a different use than its intended one, you will get an extremely actual photograph. Do not let this come your trend; learn when you use a real lens.


Top Tips For Planning the Perfect Wedding Reception

Finding your soul mate, getting engaged and day dreaming as to your big day and life as a married couple is one of the most exciting things most of us will ever do. Equally, planning that perfect wedding and reception to meet the needs, please and best celebrate that union of families, friends and feelings is likely to be one of the most stressful, expensive and time consuming tasks most couple will face. Hence, here are three top tips (and tricks) for making sure yours and your partner’s wedding reception is perfect in every way.


Picking a venue is by far one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding reception. The location, type and size of the venue you choose as well as whether to opt for a reception venue package which includes catering will enable you to subsequently plan the rest of your reception. What is more, the type of venue you opt for will both cement and so guide the style, direction and vibe of your wedding reception. As such, deciding on a venue should be one of the top decisions you make both in terms of being one of the most important and one of the first.

To alleviate some of the stress of searching for that perfect venue, make use of an online wedding venue search engine such as that provided by the Venue Finder website. Wedding venue search engines enable couples to troll through a wealth of venues according to location, cost, capacity whilst factoring in additional considerations such as whether venues provide disabled access and catering packages. Hence, even if you decide ultimately not to book a via a wedding venue search engine, making use of one can at the very least help you and your partner to gain a clearer understanding of the sort of venue you both desire as well as any specific features that venue might need to have – such as space for a live band, for example.

Music and entertainment

Speaking of live bands, take a lot of the stress, time and effort out of locating that perfect wedding band, DJ or even specialist entertainment by seeking the expert help of a wedding music and entertainment agency, such as Band Hire UK. Investing a bit of money into searching via an agency is the only secure means of broadening your choice (hence, finding that perfect band, DJ and / or entertainment) without potentially overwhelming yourself with the task of having to research, draw up contracts and risk no-shows and complications.

A music and entertainment agency are able to provide a huge wealth of credible and vetted bands, DJs and entertainers in one place so that you and your partner can find what’s perfect for you and search easily via type, genre, location and even budget. Consequently, you can use the time and effort saved to ensure every other aspect of your big day is as perfect as your music and entertainment.


As already mentioned, one way to reduce the stress of planning the perfect wedding reception is to search for and find a venue which is able to offer a catering package. That said, even if a venue is able to do this the perfect venue might not be able to provide the perfect food for your bid day. If that is the case, subsequent to locating and booking that venue, couples will need to then organise how to feed their nearest and dearest.

By far the best way to find a wedding reception caterer to meet your needs is yet again to search via an online engine. The wedding caterer search engine provided free via the Hitched website is a great place to start. Not only does the Hitched website provide a wedding catering search engine that enables couples to find their perfect wedding fare via cuisine type as well as location, the website and search engine also permits couples to find, read and gain valuable information as to just about every wedding day supplier they will need, from hair dressers to firework suppliers. Hence, the website and search engine are both invaluable tools and resources for any couple planning their big day.





What to Put in Gift Bags for your Wedding

Whether you are planning a destination wedding or are having it close to home, there are always going to be guests that are traveling to be with you on your special day. Obviously, your guests are going to be more than happy to make the journey to celebrate with you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something nice for them to make their stay more enjoyable. Though most of your guests will bring along everything they need, it’s always nice to give them a wedding gift bag to make sure they have everything they need for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

To determine what to put in your gift bags for your wedding, you first need to think about where your wedding is going to be held. If you’re having a beach wedding, for instance, then you probably want to consider adding a few useful items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and a beach blanket so that your guests can get the most out of the experience. Worst case scenario, if your guests already planned ahead and packed the items they need, they can always be brought home to be used at a future date.

Additionally, you should consider adding a few items that your guests normally won’t think to bring along to give them a better experience. You could give your guests some luxury bath salts or bubble bath so they can indulge in a great bathing experience before your big wedding day. You could supply them with some bars of cold process soap so they can enjoy their benefits in their hotel shower as well as at home. Just think of something nice and luxurious to make their time a little better and all of your guests will enjoy the day better.

So, in essence, putting together great wedding gift bags is the perfect combination of thinking about your guests needs and giving them a special luxurious experience on top. Every wedding gift bag is a little different and should reflect your personal taste, but you should always remember to focus on the needs of the guests. With some thoughtfulness and careful preparation, it is pretty simple to figure out what to put in your gift bags for your wedding.


There are Real Differences between Bridal Salons

Bridal Salons

As a bride, you need to think about certain things when you visit a bridal store. One is the style of the dresses they carry. The other is the service you’ll get for visiting the bridal salon. Very few actually consider the niche market that the bridal salon is catering to. This is a very important thing to think about because it will determine whether or not you can afford the dresses they carry. It’s a very real concern, and it can spell the difference between finding the perfect dress, and finding a perfect dress which is simply out of reach for the bride.

There are three types of bridal stores: the couture, the Big Box, and the popular price point. NY Bride of Raleigh was a couture boutique in Atherton Lofts, Southend, and Southpark. This was before we realized that there is a greater need for the middle-tier market. With the evolution of Raleigh’s market, we realized that brides needed a smarter choice, and we could provide this choice with our couture experience. We made it our personal mission to provide brides with beautiful couture gowns without the big price tags.

Truth behind couture boutiques

If you have been scouting for wedding dresses in the Raleigh area, you might have come across couture shops. There’s a small advantage to shopping in couture shops. One of them is being given the VIP treatment. Customers are seen by the couture boutiques by appointment. Tea is served during fitting and consultations. You are treated as a queen each time you’re there, but that is because you pay good money to get this treatment. And then they show you the wedding gowns.

While some couture boutiques only carry pieces from world-renowned designers, some actually have gowns that were made in China. They just have the same “look” as the designer ones. Yet, these “couture” boutiques are still selling these gowns for hefty prices.

What about Big Box Stores?

Any bride who has ever told you that the best bridal shop is a Big Box store has to be a real pro at digging up items which are on sale. She will probably be at the store at 3AM just to line up and be the very first one to go through the collection of bridal gowns because she needs to get to that $99 bargain before anyone can get to it. If you have ever been in a Big Box sale, you will know for a fact that it’s a war zone out there, and the chances of you getting scraped by a bride-to-be who took crazy pills before going shopping is far greater than any chance of you getting an okay gown at best.

Choosing popular price point stores

Big Boxes and Couture Boutiques are at two extreme ends of the spectrum. Popular price points can give you the best of those two worlds. The NYBride is a really good bridal salon in Raleigh because it can give you unprecedented access to sophisticated and authentic designer pieces and the customer service any bride-to-be-deserves without the hefty price tag. The store is open from Mondays through Fridays and is located at the Plaza Circle. For more information, contact 704.529.6400.

NY Bride of Raleigh has over a decade of experience making brides smile as they prepare for the most special day of their lives.