Sweet Wedding Invitations from Sweet-Paper

We have not been more excited about Wedding Invitations in quite some time.

The Bella Figura 2015 Wedding Invitation Collection has arrived! Bella Figura has outdone themselves once again with their fabulous line of wedding stationery for 2015. The new collection features 64 new wedding invitation suites featuring on-trend color combinations, digitally printed accents (like watercolor!), new custom calligraphy styles, foil envelope liners and more!

There is no more intimate paperie to see them first hand than, Sweet-Paper in San Diego. The store is bright with paper inspired items and the most exciting letter press wedding invitations in San Diego. Whether you visit them online or in the store you will not find a more knowledgeable staff that can help you find the wedding invitations matches both your budget and your taste. You can visit them online at http://www.sweet-paper.com



Reasons why hiring a photo booth makes perfect sense

Despite the fact most people will only use a photo booth when updating passports or driving licenses, they have a number of other uses and advantages too. In fact, they can be hired out for countless different functions.

But why should you hire a photo booth? And what events are they suitable for? Hire company www.kingofthebooth.co.uk is on hand to list some benefits of hiring its photo booth and the various occasions it is perfect for.

Benefits of hiring a photo booth

  • Great entertainment – In a day and age where selfies are all the rage, photo booths provide great entertainment. Furthermore, funny props such as oversized glasses and big wigs are sure to add even more hilarity.
  • Excellent promotion – If your brand or a product needs promoting, a photo booth can provide excellent exposure. Social media handles can be added to each photo and shared via Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • Fully customisable – Another promotional advantage of photo booth hire is that the exterior is fully customisable with fully printable skins. There is also the option of partial branding too.
  • Extensive photo options – In addition to colour, photo booths can produce black and white or sepia images as well. It is even possible to have photo strips or post card style prints featuring various backgrounds, messages, graphics and logos.
  • Incredibly memorable – After leaving a function or event, guests will go away with a long-lasting memory. Every time they look at their photo, they will be reminded of the fun they had.

Events and occasions for a photo booth

  • Weddings – Although most weddings will have a photographer to capture every important moment, photo booths can be used for more entertaining images. Along with being a great distraction while making the transition between ceremony and reception, photo booths give guests the chance to leave personal messages thanks to HD video recording.
  • Corporate events – Not only do photo booth images provide great publicity, they can also be used as business cards with brand logos and additional information. On top of that, photo booths are bound to liven up any boring or tedious corporate function.
  • School proms – From capturing a couple’s first date to giving a group of close friends some treasured memories, photo booths are ideal for school proms. Teenagers will appreciate the fact you can visit the booth as many times as you like too.
  • Private parties – Regardless of whether it’s a special birthday or to commemorate a certain occasion, photo booths will be a welcome addition to any private party. Both young and old will love having their picture taken, which can also be viewed online with optional password protection for extra privacy.

It is clear to see that hiring a photo booth can be highly advantageous for corporate functions and extremely enjoyable for weddings, proms and parties. To discover more about photo booth hire or if you’d like to make a booking, visit King of the Booth


Travelling Unplugged TV Series Returns with Season 3 “Newlyweds”


There a lot of ‘reality shows’ sharing the journey and adventures of various married couples – yet none are as real as TRAVELLING UNPLUGGED, an international television series that shares the awesome world travels and inspiring life experiences of South African born film-maker Byron Taylor and his beautiful wife Meagan.

Season Three “NEWLYWEDS” is currently being filmed, You can start following the the journey on facebook: www.facebook.com/TravellingUnplugged

Here’s the video just released of Byron & Meagans beautiful wedding dance:

Shopping for a wedding dress? Visit http://eternnal.com.mx/ for the best selection of dresses and gowns.


Wedding Favors that are Easy on the Wallet

Most couples have a pretty strict budget while planning their wedding, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to compromise and have a completely stripped-down wedding reception. Most couples choose to plan the details of their ceremony first so that it is the most memorable event of their life, then they use the remaining budget to put together their wedding reception. Unfortunately, there can sometimes be a very small pool of cash left after the ceremony is paid for, so you may have to get creative with your money if you want everything to work out in the end.

If you have a lot less money on hand than you originally planned for, you may need to make some tough decisions. There are obviously things that you need for your reception like food, decorations, and a wedding cake, so things like wedding favors can seem like a logical choice if you want to trim some fat and save a little money for other things. However, most of your wedding guests will be very disappointed if there isn’t some sort of wedding favor waiting for them, and that can make your experience suffer as well. Here are a few wedding favors that are easy on the wallet so you can have your cake and eat it too without going into your 401k prematurely.


One option you have is to buy some inexpensive picture frames from a dollar store and fill them with pictures of you as a couple in the months leading up to your wedding. You can usually put these together for about a dollar per person, and they are a great way to share your life and memories with your friends and family. Not only is it incredibly affordable and easy on the wallet, but your guests will also love your photos as their wedding favors and won’t even notice how cheap they were to provide.


One of my favorite wedding favors happens to be sparklers because they can make the wedding reception a more interactive experience for your guests. Rather than sitting at a table and staring at a useless knick-knack to take home, your guests can actually light their wedding sparklers during the reception to give the party more energy and capture some excellent photos. It’s important to note that finding a store that sells sparklers for weddings is not an easy task locally, so you’ll want to start by looking online. Wedding sparklers are generally only pennies each, so you should have no problem buying enough for every guest at your wedding.

Snacks or Candy

Another great choice is to lay out small snacks or candy on each reception table for your guests to enjoy before the meal is served. This is popular even if you’re not on a budget and can afford regular wedding favors because everyone loves a good snack and chances are that some of your guests will be hungry after the ceremony. Popular choices include small hard candies that are very inexpensive or little pastries that are shaped like hearts. No matter what you choose as a couple, your guests are sure to be delighted that there is a sweet little treat waiting for them when they arrive.


The Best Area in Los Angeles for Weddings is Santa Clarita

I think you’ll agree that weddings are one of the most important occasions in an individual’s life, so everyone wants to capture this special moments. Wedding photography is the best way to freeze the memorable events of your special day. Wedding photography cannot be taken lightly as it is very important.

To ensure the success of the both wedding reception and the ceremony, one needs to select best wedding photographers. The main aspects of selecting a perfect wedding photographer mostly depends on the place where have been planning your weddings.

Fine a wedding photographer in Los Angeles for that special occasion at a price I can afford? As if moving to Los Angeles isn’t difficult enough and of itself, there is always the hassle of getting things done when you don’t know anyone to cope with. so to find a Los Angeles photographer, or any other service for that matter, in the town, there are some steps I always take to make sure I get what I want at the price I want.

When it comes to service providers like wedding photographers santa clarita, the first step you should do it to figure out exactly what you way. In the case of a wedding photographer los Angeles, you will need to determine whether you are going to have portraits done, candid photos as a party, or formal pictures and portraits at an event like a wedding or graduation. Once you determine what exactly you need out of a  Santa Clarita Wedding photographer, you will have an easier time looking for someone who fits your specific needs.

Selecting a Santa Clarita Photographer is a very important aspect of your wedding. You can seek the help of a good wedding planner to select the best wedding photography service, which will save lots of money, time and stress.

If you have found your best wedding portrait photography, your wedding is as close to perfect as it can possibly be.

Los Angeles has a great deal of photography studios in the area, giving consumers an extensive range of alternatives. You can simply browse the Net to find person who can make your modern bride visual artistry in a photographic forum. You can simply found your dream photographer who is offering best Santa Clarita wedding photography as per requirements of the clients.

So here you have learned few tips to select the best santa clarita wedding photographers for your wedding. Your selected photographer should be able to create relationships based on trust and comfort, which allow the tender, sweet and intimate moments of your BIG day to emerge!



Deciding on Wedding Jewelry – Are You Doing It Right?

From the engagement ring to wedding-day accessories, jewelry is an important decision from start to finish. Many brides (and grooms) feel the pain of choosing from such a wide variety of available accessories for the proposal and beyond. This task can be made a bit easier with the tips below.

Use Jewelry From Someone Special

Borrowing jewelry from a loved one (mom, grandmother, friend, etc) has 2 benefits: it doesn’t cost anything AND has added sentimental value. Wearing a family heirloom can be special on your wedding day, but be careful – sometimes you overlook fashion and style in the name of loyalty. So keep that in mind, but don’t hesitate to use this route when planning your wedding!

Wear Jewelry That Compliments YOU

More important than any other considering, choose accessories that work with you and your dress of choice. You don’t necessarily want your accessories to steal the show; rather, they should add value to everything else you are wearing. An example of this are large dangling earrings may work well when your hair is up, but may not function well when your locks are long and flowing. Another example is if you have a basic neckline on your dress, you can spice it up with an appropriate necklace. On the other hand, if your neckline has an appeal by itself, you may want to forgo the necklace.

Don’t Over Think It

The best advice on wedding jewelry is to trust your instincts and follow your heart – after all, your heart would never lie to you! It is easy to overcomplicate the entire process and lose sight on what is truly important to you. With so many options available to you on such an important day, it is easy to feel like you are drowning in choices. Keep a healthy balance between what you love and what you can afford (hey, we have to be realistic!) and don’t second guess your choices. If it makes your heart sing, listen!


Planning a New York City Wedding on Any Budget

New York wedding photographer Sofia Negron Central Park Boathouse blue whiteGetting married in New York City means you’ll have instant access to some of the best resources and wedding venues in the country. It also means that that the city can be one of the most expensive places to say your vows. Most couples, regardless of their assets, have a specific price point in mind when it comes to planning their wedding. Fortunately, it’s possible to plan a fabulous wedding in NYC on just about any budget with some careful planning and a little imagination.

Central Park

New York City’s iconic Central Park is one of the most enchanting and picturesque places to get married in the city. You’ll have your choice of awe inspiring venues that include the Conservatory Garden, Cherry Hill, the Pond, the Ladies Pavilion, Cop Cot, Wagner Cover and Belvedere Plaza. You can also save some money by purchasing one of the park’s wedding packages which can be customized to fit your budget. In the spring, an incredible time to be in New York, the French themed North Garden in the park’s Conservatory Garden is gorgeous with the grounds that will be filled with breathtaking scenery including thousands of vibrant colors thanks to the blossoming crab apple trees, daffodils and tulips.

The Central Park Boathouse

The Boathouse is a fantastic place to get married in Central Park, either in a room with a wall of windows or the terrace, overlooking the lake with plenty of room for dancing. The wedding party minimum at the Boathouse is 80 to 165 with the maximum being 230. There is also more available space for an additional fee.

The Lighthouse

At the Lighthouse venue at Chelsea Piers you’ll have memorable views from floor to ceiling sparkling windows that overlook the Hudson River. This sophisticated loft space is also associated with famous caterer Abigail Kirsch and while  the catering it isn’t cheap, it’s well worth the expertise if it fits into your budget. The seating capacity is 100 to 680 for formal, sit down dining, with the maximum being 400, including dancing. Cocktail receptions can fit 1000.

Hotel Wedding Venues

New York City is brimming with incredible hotel wedding venues that include the roof of the St. Regis Hotel, the Palm Terrace ballroom at the Roosevelt Hotel, the Plaza Terrace room and more. Most of the venues are pricy, but if you plan your wedding during the off season you can save a significant amount of money.

Music and Entertainment

Here’s where you can get real creative. You can actually end up with incredible, yet affordable music by hiring a student from Juilliard to play your favorite instruments from guitar to violin. You can also choose a venue will a terrific sound system as well as tons of sound enhancing equipment and hire a tech guy to deal with any electronic problems that may come up. You could also use a laptop to project a special photo slide show of your life experiences together, leading up to the present on a wall or your favorite music videos. Another fun idea would be to have friends and family members act as DJs.

Timing is Everything

If you time things right, you can save around 20 to even 30% on all your wedding planning needs. For example, choosing an off season date can save you quite a bit on just about everything. The least popular times to get married in New York City are January, February and summer months July and August; the perfect months to get married if you’re planning a New York City wedding on a budget. We suggest hiring an experienced NYC wedding planner to help plan your wedding day.

Tips for Wedding Shopping on a Budget

Nearly everything you buy for your wedding will seem ridiculously expensive, and all those expenses can add up very quickly and create long term problems with your wedding budget if you don’t shop smart. Unless you happen to be very wealthy like a movie star or have parents that are willing to foot the entire bill for your wedding, chances are you have a pretty strict budget that you need to stick to. Fortunately, wedding shopping on a budget is easily achievable with the right preparation, restraint, and research to keep your budget on target. It’s not always easy to walk away from an item that is too expensive even though it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but keeping in mind that you can find a less expensive alternative should help you stay focused on your ultimate goal.


Rather than spending endless sums of cash to have someone else design and print your wedding invitations or purchasing generic pre-made invitations, consider sitting down at your local print shop to design and print your own. Printing your own wedding invitations is much cheaper than paying for them elsewhere, and most print shops have friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you with the design process to make them look great.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are one of those expenses that you don’t really think about until you are out shopping. Though you’ll probably want to do something really nice for your guests that they will cherish and remember forever, that can be a great way to ruin your wedding budget in a big hurry. Instead, focus on getting the most “bang for your buck” and entertaining your guests by getting on your laptop to purchase wedding sparklers online or to buy another inexpensive wedding favor that can really elevate the mood of the party. You don’t need to spend a fortune to give your guests a really great experience; instead you can focus on wedding favors that become activities and fill out the entire evening with fun.

Flowers and Decorations

Instead of spending an absurd amount of money on roses or carnations, consider buying silk flowers or wooden roses as an alternative to save some room in your wedding budget. These flower alternatives look just as beautiful as the real thing but cost only a fraction of the price. You can use this same concept with the decorations by buying designer knock-off vases, napkins, and other accessories that look much more expensive than they really are. Chances are your guests won’t notice that you replaced the real thing with a cheaper version that looks almost as spectacular and you can use that extra money to improve other parts of the wedding or save it for the honeymoon.


Something Borrowed Something New: A Different Take on Engagement Rings

More and more people are bucking the old fairy tales, and making thrilling romances of their own. We see all kinds of fresh wedding ideas these days: everything from choreographed walks down the aisle to a GoPro strapped to a whiskey bottle at the reception. But has there been a remix of the most personal aspect of the wedding, you know…the ring? The answer is a resounding yes.


The diamond is as classic as him pretending to tie his shoes to get down on one knee. For those who want that connection to tradition but want to add a more natural feel uncut diamonds have become quite popular. Just as permanent and dazzling as a finely crafted gem, an uncut diamond offers the inimitable beauty of nature. Often set in elegant bands, uncut diamonds sometimes lend their unique rough shapes to a more flowing organic ring.

Colors are another delightful member of the non traditional engagement ring crew. Rubies, emeralds, opals, and pearls of all shades have used a to help pop the question. There’s no denying a diamond’s sparkle, but not everyone is looking for a clear gem. A shimmering opal is a great way to ask your sweetheart the most important question. And what woman with moxie could say no to a fiery ruby?

Merging the worlds of natural looks and great colors are wooden engagement rings. Northwood Rings is a company that makes the most impressive wooden engagement rings we’ve seen, and they do it with a conscience too. Wood is one the most elegant, yet purposeful materials in history. It builds houses and foundations, and accents our finest furniture, tools, and luxury cars. A wooden ring is an instant connection to nature, and also to a time when people worked hard with their hands.

A Northwood Ring made from English Oak has a rich dark look and comes naturally imbued with all the history of the English countryside. The incredibly rare bird’s eye birch is a true treasure of nature that says so much about chance, circumstance, and luck. And a Koa ring inlaid with ethically collected coral has all the strength and majesty of the sea.

Teak, Bubinga, English Oak, Indian Rosewood, these are the look of refined elegance, and also the look of endangered species. Northwood has come up with a great way to provide elegance while also respecting resources. All of the rings from Northwood are made of reclaimed wood, which means it first had another life as something else like a guitar or a magnificent piece of hand carved furniture.

It’s your love, it’s your story, honor the old traditions as you see fit, and create some of your own. An engagement ring that tells your story is more important than any price tag or brand name. Find your connection to your partner, and to the world you both are about to share. With so many magnificent options, there is a non-traditional engagement ring out there for everyone.

Wedding Rings for Men Buying Guide

With the wedding bells ringing, the bride would indulge herself in a shopping spree. However, one important and crucial purchase they would have to make is the wedding ring for their man. This is not an easy task, as they would not be having much idea about the type of ring that would be ideal for their partner. We bring to you a buying guide so that you can select the most suitable and best wedding ring for your men.

Know your man perfectly

To start with, before you start shopping for a wedding ring, you should have an idea about your man, such as his likings, choices and his personality type. This would greatly help you in selecting the most appropriate ring for your partner. Also, have a better understanding about the nature of his activities so that you can select the right material of which the ring is made of.

Choose the metal type

Rings are available in platinum, silver, palladium, titanium, zirconium, and in different purity levels of gold, along with a variation in the alloys used with gold. If your man participates in activities that might cause potential damage to the ring, it is recommended that you consider a metal that is highly durable, so that the ring stays safe. If no such activities are carried out, you may select the delicate and luxurious metals such as pure gold. Also, if you wish to go economical and want to change the ring few years down the line, you may settle for silver.

Select the style of the ring

The different variants available are plain, patterned, two toned and alternative. Based on his taste and liking, you may select the style of the ring appropriately. While choosing the style of the ring, make sure that the ring selected matches well with your own wedding ring, so that it would look perfectly good. The metal used, style of the ring, type of stone and the size of the ring should be in accordance with the other ring that would be used. Orla James offers a huge variety of plain, patterned, and alternative wedding rings for men in the UK.

Select the size carefully

Even when you have a word from the man about the size of the ring, it is better that you take a measurement again so that it would fit the finger perfectly. It is recommended that you have your man try the various sizes of rings available so that it would fit perfectly and no further alterations would be needed.

Decide on your budget

Wedding rings come in a wide range of price tags. There are basic ones available which would cost relatively lower and there are high-end and luxurious ones that would cost thousands of bucks too. Hence, it is up to you to decide on the price range before you start shortlisting rings as there would not be any further budget issues that might arise.

Having known these times, it is about time that you start shopping for wedding rings.