Jazz up your wedding with live music

about-banner-1Having live music at your wedding can really help to make the day feel extra special and to set the atmosphere for your family and guests.

Many couples opt for a DJ in the evening due to the range of songs that they can cover to please the entire age range of your guests. But there’s a growing trend in having live musicians performing when your guests are arriving at the reception venue after the ceremony.

This is the perfect opportunity for a pianist or small jazz trio to play for a couple of hours to fill the room with soft music whilst your guests are sipping champagne and eating canapés. They won’t be too overpowering and will allow your guests to talk amongst themselves, whilst the band fills any awkward silences.

It is best to pick a background band without a vocalist, as this will help to avoid clashing with your guest’s conversations. It will also assist in keeping the volume low, as the band will not need a PA system and setup time is greatly reduced. Remember that the band is there to provide a low level of music rather than take over the party!

As a good example, we found this Devon Jazz Band in the UK who fit the bill perfectly. They play a variety of jazz from the 1920s to modern day and even mix chart pop songs into their sets – making sure that the younger guests can recognize tunes. The band has performed for celebrity chefs, but the majority of their time is spent playing at weddings throughout the UK.


Exquisite Sweetheart Applique Button Wedding Dress Just for You

A person’s wedding day is a day of joy, it is in fact the happiest day in the lives of many who have experienced it. I’m sure you don’t want to settle for less either, right? The same applies to me. You have had this day pop up in your dreams severally, and now the day is very close by. I know that by now you are definitely on the search for an appropriate wedding dress that will make you feel like a queen that day. I bet you don’t want to waste your money on a very expensive dress but end up hating the dress after. That is why I’m employing you to shop wisely! A lot of things constitute to the happiness an individual feels on his/her wedding day – the attention you receive, the compliments like; ‘Oh I love your wedding dress – who made it for you? Now you feel like blushing right? We are going to talk about the bride now, so the groom I will say; do not get jealous because it is often said: ‘Ladies First!’

Most women spend excessively on themselves and their wedding gowns so that their ceremony will be talk of the town, even after the wedding. But do you know that you don’t have to be overly expensive before you can look, hot, sexy and trendy on your wedding day? That is why I bring to you storedress.com. Here is the solution to your fantasy of having a memorable wedding. Let us help you fulfill your fantasies with our exquisite sweetheart applique button wedding dresses design just for you! Below are some samples.

wedding dress 4wedding dress 3

Tips for choosing an appropriate wedding dresses as a bride include:

  • You can try different dresses on, because a different style on you might do the magic.
  • Look for dresses that possess the features you’re drawn to, then picture in your mind…what you might really like. That way, your selection will be based on those dresses that meet up with your requirements.

At Store Dress, we have them in different sizes, shapes and colours. To crown it all, they are cheap and affordable. Are you still wasting that time you are supposed to use to plan some other activities related to your wedding on fathoming out what dress perfectly fits your shape and size? Let us save that precious time for you at the online store.


Look Elegant With Fashionable Side Draped Mother of the Bride Dress

Your baby girl’s wedding is approaching rapidly and you are so excited about it. She has already acquired a perfect wedding gown, the groom also has his suit well ironed and hanged for that day. You feel like basking in the euphoria because you daughter’s wedding is approaching, and it’s going to be great!

But hold on, are you not forgetting something? You have talked about the bride and the groom’s clothing. What about you, what are you and the groom’s mother going to wear? Aren’t going to talk about yourself? Accepted, all eyes will be on the lookout for the bride and the groom on that day; but people are going to be on the watch for you and the bride’s mother as well. The more reason why you should get for yourself a fashionable mother of the bride dress. It is very important to look after yourself too. You should pick a an exquisite and perfect dress for your daughter’s wedding

You might be wondering… how am I going to go about this – getting the perfect dress for my girl’s wedding? Don’t you worry about that because we’ve got your back. Let us help out. Some samples are shown below…

wedding dress 2 wedding dress 1

A note of caution though is that whatever dress you choose to wear (in terms of sophistication, simplicity, colour, pattern etc.), it should blend in with what other people who will be attending the wedding will be wearing. It will be embarrassing and a not so good experience for you attire to be a mismatch or for it to look way better than those of the bride. At this point, I suggest you chose a simple design. You can look radiant, sophisticated and gallant, even with a simple dress. My tips for you in selecting a dress include this:

  • Incorporate something you like into your dress; it could be pearls, bead work, lace, anything you like. But always remember not to let your attire outshine that of the bride.
  • Another thing you should take note of is the mother of the groom’s dress. It will look awkward if the two of you did not contact yourselves before getting your dress and end up wearing the same type of dress.

You don’t have to worry about what dress will fit your body shape, just visit us at here to place your orders for Fashionable Side Draped Mother of the Bride Dress. We’ve got it all covered for you.



Finding wedding photographers in San Diego, California

7FBWedding Photography is one of the most important investments you can make in your special day and Blessed Wedding Photography understands this. Just remember the first thing you looked over with your grandparents. Most of us would say it was albums, photos, and memories of our parents and family. This company understands how to be sure to educate you on the best way to preserve and take care of your photos so you can to share them with family for years to come.

Blessed Wedding Photography is a team of talented wedding photographers who produce the finest photos of your big day without compromising on quality. Once you hand over the job to them, you can rest assured that it will be completed with great care and quality. The team at Blessed Wedding Photography have an excellent eye for details, and a great sense of color and light which will result in a gorgeous custom wedding album which you will take pride in adorning your sweet nuptial memories in. These wedding team is eager to make your wedding images and video look the most glamourous and intimate and capture it in a way that will leave an impression on your heart.

1With the understanding that the economy is hard Blessed Wedding Photography has yet again taken another step toward making sure you get the most out of what you need. Custom packages are created just to meet your wedding budget and needs. You can be sure you won’t have to pay for a service you don’t need and that you will get all the services you desire.

Finally San Diego wedding Photographers bring you a team of talented people who not only will photograph your special day but will also bring the hair/makeup artist, videographer, and planning services that you will need. Their amazing hair/Makeup artist will come to you on your wedding day (no more trying to rush to a salon for an appointment) and take care of you and your entire bridal party with care.

So, if you have been looking for a wedding photographer in the Southern California, or San Diego area be sure to stop by blessed wedding photography’s website, I can be sure it will not be a waste of your time.


Save on your wedding & honeymoon accommodations

wedding savingsWhile we would all love to spend lavishly on our wedding, honeymoon or even a weekend getaway, the reality is that most of us have mortgages, saving accounts and a job to worry about. A new startup, TrekMana.com, launched its desktop and tablet based webapp that is helping couples find better deals on weekend getaways through its flexible search engine.

Instead of searching for particular dates of the week, TrekMana’s search engine takes in a period defined by you (say the next 3 weeks) and the days of the week you want to find hotels In (e.g the weekend). It then finds the cheapest dates (in this case the weekends) that each hotel lies on. You can also search for the cheapest stay (regardless of days).

With new technology entering the travel industry every day, TrekMana is just one short step to help you guys save money for your romantic getaways. It also features a briefcase technology that lets you save hotels and rooms and let you search them later on. This is great if you have a few hotels in mind that you are really interested in. Instead of going through a whole list, you can simply find what days they’re the cheapest on.

Hopefully this information will be helpful to you and your significant other and will let you enjoy a weekend in a romantic hotel on the beach without selling your house!


Fortune Cookie Wedding Favors

weddingfortunecookie1Every bride and groom want to create fun wedding favors for those who spend the special day with them. Personalized fortune cookies are a creative way to show your appreciation, but also very affordable.

Custom fortune cookies allow you to place your own personalized message in a fortune cookies. The fortune cookies can be dipped in chocolate and placed in takeout boxes as a cute gift for your guests. Below are some message ideas you can use in your custom fortune cookies.

With this ring, I thee wed.
Stephanie & Thomas July 8, 2014

weddingfortunecookie2Something old, something new,
Some good fortune just for you!
Justin & Gina 9-20-14

Love is patient. Love is kind.
Love is not boastful or rude.

“Here’s to the bride, may your hours of joy be as
numerous as the petals of your bridal bouquet.”

“To the man who has conquered the bride’s heart…
and her mother’s” Kim & Alan August 21, 2014

Today I marry my best friend,
the one I laugh with, live for, love.
Liz & Jason April 5, 2014

Thank you for a wonderful day with our family and friends. Love Rob & Carolyn Hawes

“…and they lived happily ever after…” Barbara and Alex June 17, 2014

We all have our own path. Sometimes our paths cross, sometimes our paths merge. Thank you for sharing our path this day.

Love doesn’t make the world go ‘round; Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Sarah and Philip August 18, 2014

A heart that loves is always young. Erin & Mike – December 8, 2014

As we set sail together, thanks for coming on board with us today. Michael and Mary 9-8-14

“Marriage is the alliance of two people, one of whom never remembers birthdays and the other never forgets them.” ~Ogden Nash

This is the day that the Lord hath made, rejoice and be glad in it. Greg and Jennifer

He loves me, he loves me not, He loves me, we tied the knot. Michele and Jerry December 12, 2014

Thank you for celebrating our love. Jody & John 9-1-2014

Love is friendship set on fire. Mary & Jason July 25, 2014

Today we join each other’s dreams.

Together we are more
than the sum of our parts.

Wedding fortune cookies can be found online or you can make them at home. Takeout boxes can also be found online or at many paper and craft and scrapbooking stores.


“The Magic at the Boatshed” Wedding Photography

BoatshedIn December 2014 Lighthouse Photography by Cyrus received a call from Emma Boyer, the Editor of WA Brides Magazine, one of her clients (Marion from Makeup Magic) needed some extraordinary wedding images for editorial and ads.

Lighthouse pulled together the “A team” of wedding suppliers in West Australia and a few weeks later created “the Magic at the Boatshed”. A series of images to show of a stunning but simple bridal look, coupled with a flowing pure silk wedding dress made by the award winning Beata Ridley of Chein Noir Dezines.

The hair was artfully designed by celebrity hairstylist Jas International who also acted as our lighting assistant.

We were not left without added weather drama, however, shooting on the river’s edge in howling wind had it’s dangers and we did loose, over the jetty, our expensive lighting umbrella which looking back now was a comical sight.

The venue we occupied for the Bridal fashion Photoshoot is a well sort after wedding and corporate venue called the Boatshed Restaurant located off Coode St Jetty in South Perth. As the sun set we had the most stunning background to Perth City.

To view the series of images created please visit the Facebook Album and see why Cyrus has been nominated three times as one of Australia’s Top Wedding Photographers.


Sweet Wedding Invitations from Sweet-Paper

We have not been more excited about Wedding Invitations in quite some time.

The Bella Figura 2015 Wedding Invitation Collection has arrived! Bella Figura has outdone themselves once again with their fabulous line of wedding stationery for 2015. The new collection features 64 new wedding invitation suites featuring on-trend color combinations, digitally printed accents (like watercolor!), new custom calligraphy styles, foil envelope liners and more!

There is no more intimate paperie to see them first hand than, Sweet-Paper in San Diego. The store is bright with paper inspired items and the most exciting letter press wedding invitations in San Diego. Whether you visit them online or in the store you will not find a more knowledgeable staff that can help you find the wedding invitations matches both your budget and your taste. You can visit them online at http://www.sweet-paper.com



Reasons why hiring a photo booth makes perfect sense

Despite the fact most people will only use a photo booth when updating passports or driving licenses, they have a number of other uses and advantages too. In fact, they can be hired out for countless different functions.

But why should you hire a photo booth? And what events are they suitable for? Hire company www.kingofthebooth.co.uk is on hand to list some benefits of hiring its photo booth and the various occasions it is perfect for.

Benefits of hiring a photo booth

  • Great entertainment – In a day and age where selfies are all the rage, photo booths provide great entertainment. Furthermore, funny props such as oversized glasses and big wigs are sure to add even more hilarity.
  • Excellent promotion – If your brand or a product needs promoting, a photo booth can provide excellent exposure. Social media handles can be added to each photo and shared via Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • Fully customisable – Another promotional advantage of photo booth hire is that the exterior is fully customisable with fully printable skins. There is also the option of partial branding too.
  • Extensive photo options – In addition to colour, photo booths can produce black and white or sepia images as well. It is even possible to have photo strips or post card style prints featuring various backgrounds, messages, graphics and logos.
  • Incredibly memorable – After leaving a function or event, guests will go away with a long-lasting memory. Every time they look at their photo, they will be reminded of the fun they had.

Events and occasions for a photo booth

  • Weddings – Although most weddings will have a photographer to capture every important moment, photo booths can be used for more entertaining images. Along with being a great distraction while making the transition between ceremony and reception, photo booths give guests the chance to leave personal messages thanks to HD video recording.
  • Corporate events – Not only do photo booth images provide great publicity, they can also be used as business cards with brand logos and additional information. On top of that, photo booths are bound to liven up any boring or tedious corporate function.
  • School proms – From capturing a couple’s first date to giving a group of close friends some treasured memories, photo booths are ideal for school proms. Teenagers will appreciate the fact you can visit the booth as many times as you like too.
  • Private parties – Regardless of whether it’s a special birthday or to commemorate a certain occasion, photo booths will be a welcome addition to any private party. Both young and old will love having their picture taken, which can also be viewed online with optional password protection for extra privacy.

It is clear to see that hiring a photo booth can be highly advantageous for corporate functions and extremely enjoyable for weddings, proms and parties. To discover more about photo booth hire or if you’d like to make a booking, visit King of the Booth


Wedding Favors that are Easy on the Wallet

Most couples have a pretty strict budget while planning their wedding, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to compromise and have a completely stripped-down wedding reception. Most couples choose to plan the details of their ceremony first so that it is the most memorable event of their life, then they use the remaining budget to put together their wedding reception. Unfortunately, there can sometimes be a very small pool of cash left after the ceremony is paid for, so you may have to get creative with your money if you want everything to work out in the end.

If you have a lot less money on hand than you originally planned for, you may need to make some tough decisions. There are obviously things that you need for your reception like food, decorations, and a wedding cake, so things like wedding favors can seem like a logical choice if you want to trim some fat and save a little money for other things. However, most of your wedding guests will be very disappointed if there isn’t some sort of wedding favor waiting for them, and that can make your experience suffer as well. Here are a few wedding favors that are easy on the wallet so you can have your cake and eat it too without going into your 401k prematurely.


One option you have is to buy some inexpensive picture frames from a dollar store and fill them with pictures of you as a couple in the months leading up to your wedding. You can usually put these together for about a dollar per person, and they are a great way to share your life and memories with your friends and family. Not only is it incredibly affordable and easy on the wallet, but your guests will also love your photos as their wedding favors and won’t even notice how cheap they were to provide.


One of my favorite wedding favors happens to be sparklers because they can make the wedding reception a more interactive experience for your guests. Rather than sitting at a table and staring at a useless knick-knack to take home, your guests can actually light their wedding sparklers during the reception to give the party more energy and capture some excellent photos. It’s important to note that finding a store that sells sparklers for weddings is not an easy task locally, so you’ll want to start by looking online. Wedding sparklers are generally only pennies each, so you should have no problem buying enough for every guest at your wedding.

Snacks or Candy

Another great choice is to lay out small snacks or candy on each reception table for your guests to enjoy before the meal is served. This is popular even if you’re not on a budget and can afford regular wedding favors because everyone loves a good snack and chances are that some of your guests will be hungry after the ceremony. Popular choices include small hard candies that are very inexpensive or little pastries that are shaped like hearts. No matter what you choose as a couple, your guests are sure to be delighted that there is a sweet little treat waiting for them when they arrive.