How to save money at weddings in Udaipur

How to save money at weddings in Udaipur

Udaipur is perhaps the most famous venue for destination weddings in India, every year many couples choose this city for their most special day. The cost of destination wedding in Udaipur can be high for a grand wedding, but with some intelligent adjustment you can bring down the cost dramatically and still have a fabulous destination wedding.

1- Choose wedding date wisely

If you are getting married in the months of November, December or January, the cost of accommodation at all wedding venues will be higher as this is the peak season for weddings and tourism.

To save money you may choose months of February, March, September or October. As the cost of wedding venue is the biggest expense of a destination wedding, you can save a considerable amount of money and still have a wedding at the venue of your choice.

It is not advisable to choose wedding dates in the months of July and August, as this is the rainy season and there are high chances that rains will disrupt your wedding ceremonies. April, May and June are too hot, so you and your guests will not be able to enjoy the wedding.


2 – Choice of Wedding Venue

As we have already mentioned that the cost of the wedding venue is the biggest expense in a destination wedding, a wedding planner in Udaipur can help you to choose a wedding venue wisely in order to save money.

For example, if you want to host a luxurious wedding you may choose The Lalit Laxmi Vilas instead of Oberoi Udaivilas because cost of wedding at Oberoi Udaivilas will exceed Rs. 2 crores while the cost of a destination wedding at The Lalit Laxmi Vilas will be around Rs. 70 lakh. Similarly, for every kind of budget your wedding planner can suggest best wedding venues for you.

3 – More Tips

  • Keep guest count to 150 or less to save catering cost. Cost of catering is the second biggest expense after cost of wedding venue.
  • Hire a good wedding planner who can negotiate prices of accommodation and catering on your behalf.
  • Avoid costly decoration items like customised props, vintage cars, special furniture and exotic flowers.



Ideas for an Alternative Wedding Car

Ideas for an Alternative Wedding Car

The car that you leave your wedding ceremony should be an attention-grabber. A typical wedding car is decorated with a ribbon on the hood, a “Just Married” sign on the windows, and tin cans dangling from the exhaust pipes.

If a plain wedding car seems boring to you, several alternatives can make your wedding car seem a little more exciting! Wedding transport can be adventurous, let one or more of these great ideas personalize your big day.

1) A double-decker bus, with an open-top and a party bus

An open-top bus with the sun shining outside is a great way to get smiles from every person in attendance. If you have wedding guests that are staying the evening at the reception venue, you would be able to simplify their stay by using the bus as the transport to and from the wedding ceremony. More, if the venues for the ceremony and the reception are fairly close, you could have the bus return to transport the bride’s side of the wedding party. You will have dozens of wonderful summer wedding memories and great photo opportunities!

Even more exciting, you could book a Party Bus that has a great sound system, lighting, and a bar! Newly-married bride and groom could casually sip champagne while the whole backseat toasts them as the driver takes care of bringing the party to the reception venue for more celebrating.

2) Retro Wedding Cars and Camping Vans

Vintage wedding cars have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The 1950s retro-inspired wedding style is beautifully complemented by a pink Cadillac in the Hollywood Diana Dors style. A convertible top, as well as the plush leather seats in the vehicle, are wonderful assets to the style. With the bride and bridesmaids in some chic sunglasses and bright red lip colour, glamour is inescapable.

For a 1960s era “hippie” style wedding, a Voltzwagon Beetle or a campervan is a great option. Boho weddings are in full swing in current trends, so flowers in the car and loose updos only add to the mood.

3) A London inspired, British retro wedding is made complete by a white, shining London taxi covered in wedding ribbons. You’ll look like you drove right off the streets by Big Ben!

4) A James Bond Bridal Car

You’ll make a serious impression with an instant classic television or movie replica Bond car. Other options include arriving at the venue in a Batmobile-style model, a Bond Aston Martin model, or “General Lee” from Dukes of Hazard!

5) A Wedding Limo that Screams Rockstar

For a rocker vibe at your wedding, use a stretch limousine with light shows, loud music, and lots of champagne. In a limo, you have plenty of space to fit lots of people in comfort! The bride in her gown, her wedding party, and plenty of accessories can all fit well!

6) Wildly-Wheeled Wedding

For a groom who loves his motorcycles or dirt bikes, arriving at the ceremony on a bike with a shiny leather jacket over his wedding suit is cool, calm, and statement-making. Bridesmaids could keep with the theme by either riding in sidecars or use large trikes. Make sure that bridesmaids who do this have hairstyles that are simple to touch up since they will be wearing the essential crash helmets. This theme screams adrenaline and adventure for all, no matter two or three wheels!

7) Boating Bridal Trip

For a wedding by a river or sea, the bride and groom could leave the ceremony in style on a boat! For added flair, a very small wedding ceremony (or even reception!) could be held on a boat for some memorable adventures.


Cost of a destination wedding at Bujera Fort

Cost of a destination wedding at Bujera Fort

The marvellous architecture and exquisite interior decoration of Bujera Fort makes it a perfect wedding venue for a luxurious destination wedding. Bujera Fort is a small hotel, hence it is ideal for small weddings involving around 25 guests.

Bujera Fort is located 11 kilometers away from the city of Udaipur and 30 kilometers away from the airport.

The minimum cost of a destination wedding in Udaipur is around Rs. 30 lakhs, but small weddings at Bujera Fort hotel will cost 21 – 25 lakh rupees.

Cost of Wedding

1 – Room booking charges

This hotel has 2 master suites, 4 suites and 8 rooms. Total cost of accommodation for a destination wedding is Rs. 8 lakhs which includes 28% tax.

2 – Food & Beverages

Indian and Continental food is available at Bujera Fort. The cost of all food and drinks for a wedding will be approximately Rs. 5 lakhs which includes 18% tax.

3 – Decoration

The cost of wedding decor for all ceremonies could be 5 – 9 lakh rupees. The cost varies according to your requirements.

4 – Hospitality Services

A team of hospitality professionals can take care of all the wedding arrangements and assist you during the wedding. The cost hospitality services start from Rs. 50,000.

5 – Transportation

Transportation services such as airport pickup and drop could cost up to Rs. 1 lakh.

6 – Photography

The cost of photography is likely to be between Rs. 1.5 – Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

7 – Vendors

You will also require vendors like Makeup artist, Mehendi artist e.t.c. for a wedding.

Similar Hotels

Taj Lake Palace

A destination wedding at Taj Lake Palace will cost around Rs. 70 lakhs. Lake Palace hotel allows a wedding with 60 guests.


Devigarh is a royal palace which was built in 18th-century near Udaipur. It was a royal palace of the rulers of Delwara. It is situated 28 kilometers away from Udaipur.


Picking Wedding Invitations in Houston

Picking Wedding Invitations in Houston

Your wedding welcome fills in as a prelude to your visitors about the structure of your wedding and amassing. A great part of the time, it will address your picked shades comparably as your own special rich. To establish an intense connection, your wedding mentioning ought to be made as the others out of your enormous day. On the off chance that you need to promise you have picked the ideal deals for your wedding, consider the going with tips when contemplating your Houston Wedding Invitations choice.

Style and Theme

Alright have the ability to imagine yourself as a front line lady of extraordinary significance and groom, or as a verifiably progressively commendable few? Is your wedding based on a point, for example, a time period or district, or may it have the ability to be more with respect to a specific vibe? Limit you picture your wedding, and what key highlights will be consolidated, offers you to choose an acknowledged choice that will overhaul the general hypothesis.

For example, in the event that you need a front line association and party, you may not require imagery related with a 1920s point, and an alternate way. Mentioning ought to research your other game plan decisions to set up an unfaltering affiliation.

Tones and Shapes

When making blueprints for a wedding, picking tints is ordinarily standard things of focus interest. Luckily, most wedding welcome makers have a wide degree of tones to research for the substance, paper, and even envelope. Pick paper stock and abstract style conditions that reverberation your tints while regarding the general style of the marriage. Likewise, guarantee that in the event that you pick a light card stock that running with a decrease artistic style, and match dull welcome card stock with a light substance style for legitimate multifaceted nature. That assists with generally speaking clearness, ensuring your visitors can truth be told perused the welcome says.

Moreover, by a wide margin most default to normal rectangular wedding welcomes, in spite of the route that there are considerably more decisions. While a square shape is standard, a social event may feel consistently offbeat, and a square may appear, apparently, to be logically present day.

Keep the Content Simple

The information on a marriage welcome must be clear and brief. While certain shows, for example, illuminating everything (counting the time of the wedding limit), lead to progressively content, you would slant toward not to pack the acknowledged card. Attempting to press in additional subtleties requires the made substance to be progressively small and makes it harder to inspect.

Twice and Triple Check Your Proof

It is hardly conspicuous issues when we comprehend what the welcome was intended to state. Since you have a basic number of these subtleties in the forefront of your cerebrum, you aren’t the ideal director in isolation mentioning. Hold the affirmations surveyed with a few relatives and pals’ kin. Make certain the time distributing and time are fitting likewise as the spelling of any names and areas.

Take the Necessary Steps Not to Delay

Printing custom mentioning requires some hypothesis, and all wedding welcomes must be altered. Every now and then, it will require a couple of days while some may require weeks. Since you should pass on the mentioning straightforwardly off the bat enough to furnish potential visitors with palatable notice, conceding the buy isn’t generally a decision.

Your Wedding Invitations Houston ought to be referenced something like 4 or 5 months before the wedding to promise you have sufficient opportunity to get them, address them, and email them to your visitors. In explicit points of reference, you can confirm your envelopes early, enabling you to get a mind begin having them dealt with. This is particularly important in the event that you plan on having them managed by a pro calligrapher.

Additionally, you need your visitors to have sufficient opportunity to RSVP comparably as make any basic blueprints. In case you’re building up a goal wedding, the previous you can illuminate loved ones and family identifying with your excellent pre-wedding capacity, the more conspicuous the probability that they can likely make understandings to visit.

Buy More Invitations Than You Need

There is dependably the open portal that some will be harmed or lost by methods for the mail station, and that proposes you need enough to reimburse those. In like way, you may wrap up passing on extra deals if those went on through the basic round have a more noteworthy than predicted number that battles to visit. That engages anybody to send deals to any visitors who were not from the outset welcomed considering the reasons for control of your space when it winds up being clear you have room.

Additionally, you should keep a couple as remembrances. Reliably, the few could keep something like a couple, and the gatekeepers of the life partner to be and lady could in like way remember one progressively duplicate



How to Plan a Wedding on Budget

How to Plan a Wedding on Budget

A wedding day is a day that everyone is anxious to make perfect as it is one of the happiest days in a couples life. You should have it in mind that being a happy day does not mean spending a fortune. When planning on your budget, there are some significant things to consider.

Avoid too many Guests
Having friends with a family at your wedding is a great idea. But how many do you want to invite?

You might be tempted to ask a large number of people to attend, which is not always a good idea. If many people are attending, it means that the cost will be increased. You might find yourself inviting people without realizing the list is growing bigger.

To save more on your budget, ask just a few. The event will be even more intimate because you will interact with them more. You can write the list down to make it as small.

Wedding Venue
Small hotels, village halls, and pub wedding venues are the wedding venues you can find with a bargainable price. If the interior is too plain, use stylish wedding decor to transform.

What many don’t know about is that an outdoor venue is relatively cheap than indoors. Chose an outdoor wedding venue to save money and enjoy wonderful surroundings. You can hire a wedding marquee to suit the number of guests expected to attend. If you do choose an outdoor wedding, don’t forget to budget for a power supply and portable toilet hire.

Ceremony Fees
Before a wedding, a ceremony fee of between 400 to 500 Pounds is paid. If you are planning on having a civil marriage, the amount will be covered to pay the registrar and the license. A church wedding is worth because the church can give you the church hall at a discount.

Best girls are important in a wedding. Many will avoid having them due to the cost of their clothes. If you can’t cover their cost, you can request them to pay for their clothes and give them the theme colour. Additionally, a different shade of dresses on each best girl is on trend.

Hair and Make-up
High-end make-up and hair require a tremendous amount of money. You don’t have to spend much on this sector. On a budget of less than 3,000, make-up and hair is something to forego. You can choose a style on the many tutorial YouTube video. A friend can do your makeup and you will be good to go. A simple style will make you comfortable. Lipstick, foundation, and mascara will make you look good.

Wedding Photographer
Finding a photographer charging 1000 or less can be hard. You can have a trainee or a student wedding photographer who is starting. Others with a good camera can prefer taking the photos for themselves hence cutting down the total cost.

Additionally, among your guests, you can have some friends take the snaps for you. Although photography work can be tiring, you can have two or more to take turns. Some can do it in the morning hours when making preparations while others during the wedding and the reception area. Some of the shots taken will be mind-blowing, and your budget will still be okay.


Top 3 new wedding venues in Udaipur

Top 3 new wedding venues in Udaipur

Destination wedding is becoming a trend among Indian couples and luckily there are many places in this Udaipur which are ideal for destination wedding. According to Magic Lights Wedding Planners following venues are the most popular new wedding venues in Udaipur for a destination wedding:

1- Shouryagarh

Shouryagarh resort is situated on Rani road near Shilpgram and Fathesagar. Scenic views of mountains makes Shouryagarh a great place to get married. Shouryagarh has a lawn, garden and banquet space which can be used for various wedding ceremonies.

It is a perfect venue if you have fewer than 80 guests as of now. More rooms are being built and if you have more guests they can be accommodated at nearby resorts.

In recent years many new hotels and resorts have come up in Udaipur and the cost of destination wedding in Udaipur varies from 30 lakhs to few crores depending upon wedding venue and number of guests. Hence, Udaipur offers choices for every budget.


2 – Labhgarh

Labhgarh is located near Cheerwa ghat on national highway. It is easy and quick to reach Labhgarh from Udaipur. It has an indoor venue called Darball hall which can accommodate upto 500 seated guests and a outdoor courtyard which is big enough for more than thousand guests. This beautiful resort is a great choice for destination wedding if your budget is under Rs. 40 lakhs. The cost of wedding at Labhgarh varies from Rs. 30 lakhs to Rs. 40 lakhs depending upon guest count and time of the year.


3 – Spectrum Resort

Spectrum resort is also a good choice for weddings with budget between Rs. 30 lakhs and Rs. 40 lakhs. It has hosted many destination weddings recently. Spectrum resort is situated at Kavita village near Udaipur city. Spectrum resort offers scenic views of Aravali mountains. Spectrum resort is a good choice for weddings with up to 500 guests.



The question I get asked daily “Why Purchase from”

The question I get asked daily “Why Purchase from”

I get asked all the time what the difference is between our sparklers and our competitor’s sparklers.  So many wedding photographers, event venues and wedding planners only recommend our sparklers for a reason! The answer is very simple …. You get what you pay for!

Patty McNeil from Chicago called asking this exact question because her venue only allowed our sparklers and she was wanting to know why our sparklers were more expensive than other sites. She didn’t want to spend any additional money on her daughter’s wedding.  I explained why is so reputable and why wedding professionals continue to recommend us.  Why risk a sparkler that will not light, will not perform, be very smoky, and droopy?  We do not cater to the “one and done” brides with an inferior product that they will not need for another wedding. wants EVERY bride to have the highest quality sparkler so their photos are magical.

We have hand selected our #36 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers so they are the highest quality sparkler in the US.  Our staff opens each box and inspects the sparklers to ensure they are in perfect condition before it leaves our warehouse.  All sparklers that arrived broken are tossed and replaced with a perfect sparkler.  We then secure the sparklers with tape so they will not bang against each other during shipping and retape the boxes back up.  Nobody wants to receive broken, damaged sparklers!   They are then carefully packed with lots of packing peanuts to cushion the bumps and blows during the shipping process.  Your sparklers will arrive in pristine condition.

Our sparklers are double-dipped for added brightness and length of burn time.  A lot of other companies claim their sparklers burn for 4 minutes, but in reality it is about 3 minutes and 15 seconds.  Our metal rod is also thicker to prevent drooping, wilting sparklers during the sparkler tunnel.  A bending sparkler rod can also be dangerous if guests are too close to each other and the rod can bend and be a hazard to everyone around them.  The sparklers that we carry, are almost smoke-free – there is no such thing as a smokeless sparkler, contrary to what others may claim, but our sparklers have a very tiny amount of smoke that is emitted when burning.  This makes wedding photos beautiful!

Numerous brides have ordered sparklers from other companies and when they tested them out right before their wedding, found out they were not what they claimed to be.  Every Monday I get calls from panicked brides wanting to see how soon would receive their sparklers.  I can hear the desperation in their voice.  For that reason our warehouse works late on Mondays to get these orders out the door.  The brides tell me that their wedding planner told them to buy their sparklers from us, but they were trying to save a couple of dollars by going with a cheaper sparkler.

If you are looking for a sparkler that will perform incredibly at your wedding, then our sparklers are for you!  We offer the highest quality sparkler you can find.



Why Udaipur is famous for destination weddings in India?

Why Udaipur is famous for destination weddings in India?

Udaipur is also known as “City of lakes” and “Venice of the east”. This city is popular for its royal palaces, scenic beauty and cultural heritage.

Image Source

Udaipur is now getting famous as venue for destination weddings among indian couples. High profile and celebrity weddings have taken this city’s popularity to a new level. Destination wedding cost in Udaipur ranges from Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 3.5 crore. It may go up for high profile weddings.

The main reasons for popularity of Udaipur are:

  1. Royal weddings at palaces – There are quite a few palaces in Udaipur such as Jagmandir, which were built by kings and maharans and were used by royal family to host weddings. Now these palaces are available to you if you wish to make your dreams of a royal wedding come true.
  2. Best 5 star hotels in India – Udaipur is home to some of the finest luxury hotels in India like Oberoi Udaivilas and Taj Lake Palace. These hotels are ideal venues for grand destination weddings. Many Indian couples living abroad choose these hotels as their wedding venue.
  3. Modern resorts & hotels offer large number of rooms and spaces like banquet halls and gardens. Destination wedding planner Magic Lights recommend these resorts and hotels as they provide convenience of having wedding ceremony and accommodation at same place. Cost of wedding at these places may be between Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 1.5 crore.
  4. Udaipur is well connected to major Indian cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Ahmedabad by road, rail and air. Therefore, it’s convenient for guests travelling from these cities or abroad to reach Udaipur.



Good Clean Bachelor Party Ideas: How to Plan a Bachelor Party

Good Clean Bachelor Party Ideas: How to Plan a Bachelor Party

Guest post by Event Supply Shop

Bachelor parties have always been about cherishing the bachelorhood before hitting the weight of responsibilities in a married life. As much as the would-be groom is excited about this, his friends happen to be more excited. It often includes some crazy ideas which are not exactly what comes under the purview of ‘clean’. No inclusion of alcohol or rated R activities. Bachelor parties have stigma for being more rowdy than bachelorette parties.

If you are one of those guys who wants to keep it simple yet fun-filled, here are some of the best ideas for a clean bachelor party.

Adventure camping or hiking:

For all the people who enjoy an adrenaline rush, this is the best possible idea that there is to try out. The best part about it would be its feasibility because it is very easy to plan when you have your friends around. Plan a hiking trip or a jungle camp to the nearest place you know with your friends. You only need to prepare a list of close friends who would be doing this with you. Keep it in mind that this plan is not for a large group, so stick to the closest people you want to do this with.

Road trip:

There is a lot of friend’s group who have wanted to do this as a college bucket list task. You can actually put this up as your bachelor party celebration. Gather your college friends or people you have thought about it with, finalise a route or destination and rent a car. This would be even better if you stick to the road almost all time of the trip and camp at forests for food. This might be the best road trip ever of your life.

Food Hunt:

This is as great as it sounds and very literal from all aspects. Gather your closest friends and prepare a multi-city/town trip on the basis of their cuisine. You can also mark-up locations that serve the most unique dishes around. Hit those places with your friends and celebrate a long tour of hogging and building memories.

Sports event party:

Men go gaga over sports entertainment, be it of any kind. Fix a sport that has a common interest in your group and look for events near you. Plan ahead of the date and get yourself the enjoyment of the game with your friends.

Motorcycle Tour:

It has been a definite phase in every guy’s life to ride a motorcycle and go on a short trip with friends. Find a place that you would want to go. Make a route plan through some of the best roads available for biking. Most of the popular biking sites have the rented bike facilities so you can plan something away from your hometown as well. Or maybe ride your bikes to that place to make the trip even longer. Enjoy the nature with your friends in the open air.

All these ideas require the best company and the will to enjoy to the fullest. You can modify these ideas according to your needs too.

Author Bio: Event Supply Shop is where DIY-ers, penny pinchers with a flair for high-quality, and event planners get their products. Event Supply Shop will be here for all of your event needs. Our blog helps newly-engaged couples plan the perfect future together.



Simple Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding

Simple Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding

The mere thought of spring usually evokes visions of bright sunny days, beautiful blooming flowers, and yes, the sound of wedding bells. It is every potential couple’s dream to have their weddings perfectly planned out for the warmer months. From your wedding venue to food, drinks, and parking space for the guests, you would want to make sure you make the most of the warmer months. In order to make sure your big day goes smoothly as you have always dreamt of, there are several ways through which you can ensure that spring wedding is a huge success. These include but not limited to the following:

· Go for unique wedding colors: Who says you must stick to the same pastels that are synonymous with spring weddings? There are lots of trending color combinations that can make your wedding color stand out from others. You can add contrasting colors to your chosen pastels to create that elegant look. For example, you combine pink and chocolate brown, sky blue and brown, coral and latte, lavender and lemon green, etc. If you are the more daring type, you can go for bold and vibrant colors but not more than two combinations.

· Be ready for any weather: The fact that your wedding is being held in warmer months does not mean you should not prepare for any surprise weather on that day. A little drizzle might be blessing on your wedding day but what happens if it actually rains? Don’t leave things to chances. Take precautions by having the outdoor reception area covered with a tent. This will ensure that whether it rains or shines, your wedding parade is safe and happy, so also are your guests.

· Appropriate reception venues: As you make plans for your wedding, the reception venue is a very integral part of your day that should be given utmost attention. Take your time to look at multiple reception sites. The size of the venue is mostly determined by the number of guests expected at your wedding. For example, if you have a small list, then you can settle for a small reception ground. However, if yours is a huge list, getting a small space will only make your guests feel suffocated and uncomfortable. If there will be music and dances on your big day, then settle for a wedding venue with enough space, more so, the area should be one that does not have noise restriction.

· Stick to your budget: Whether you are working with an event planner or coordinating your spring wedding yourself, it is important you have a budget and stick to it. In order to ensure you achieve this, you should let the vendors you will be working with get an idea of what your budget is for each specific part. For example, the florist and caterers should know your budget. With this, they will be able to make some cost-saving and creative ideas that would help you achieve your dream wedding without exceeding your budget.

· Adequate lighting: Don’t forget that you are in the warmer months and as such, the type of lighting you choose for your reception venue is very important. Not only would bright overhead lights disturb the vision of your guests, it might make the space a little warmer than necessary. Instead of brighter lights, you can try installing softer colored light bulbs. From pinks to peaches and softest blue, you can always get lights that would rather soften the appearance of your guests instead of blinding and suffocating them with heat.

These are just a few of the tips that would help you planning a memorable spring wedding for yourself or a loved one. In a situation where erecting tents over the reception space is not an option, there is something else you can do, especially if yours is a small list. You can consider buying golf umbrellas in spring colors for your guests. This way, they can be mobile if they choose to, without exposing themselves to drizzles or excessive sunlight. This has a unique way of adding that chic touch to your wedding. Now you can see that all it takes is just a few simple steps to completely eliminate most of the stress that is synonymous with planning that fairytale spring wedding.